E3 2017

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    So Sony just had their presser. Some interesting announcements in there I guess.

    Monster Hunter World
    Shadow of the Colossus

    Microsoft announced the new Xbox One which doesn't interest me too much because I'm not sure it'll get niche Japanese game support. But it's nice to see them pushing tech.

    Anything stand out for you guys?

    I still have to catch up on stuff. Nintendo conference tomorrow at 12 EST / 9 PST

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    Just to clarify something, previous PS 3 version of shadow of the colossus was remastered (Upscaling, etc), this is a complete remake.

    God of War 3, Ace Combat 7, FF Dissidia or The Last of Us II, Detroit, and more, some good stuff, this year.

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    So Nintendo's showing passed the other day. Excited for:

    Metroid: Samus Returns
    Metroid Prime 4

    The Mario games look fun too.

    Xenoblade 2 looked ok, but a quick look like that isn't really going to sell me on anything. I'm curious how much of the go anywhere / stand on anything nature will carry on from X. One of the trailers showed that the game will be English voice only. Disappointing.

    Glad to see Rocket League on Switch, but sad I won't be able to play with those Nintendo friends there since Sony decided against crossplay.

    No Monster Hunter XX Switch announcement was disappointing.

    So good showing. I still want more of the C tier franchises like Wario, Sin + Punishment, StarFox, FZero, Golden Sun, and the like to show up. Platinum and From Soft's development on Switch remains a mystery.

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