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    Personally, I like several that were announced. 4 of the 5 shojo seem really interesting to me, especially White Cat's Revenge. I was really happy with Grace of the Gods. There were more that I am interested in. Since the announcement of Yen press for that one looked almost the same as J-Novel, it appeared like they might have been working together on their respective announcement. I assume Yen Press is releasing the manga since J-Novel is releasing the Light Novel.

    A lot of the announcements on Yen Press that I found didn't specify if it was manga or light novel.

    I also thought it was interesting to hear how many translators and editors J-Novel has working for them. They have really grown in the last three years. Sure they pick some novels I am not interest in, but in reality so long as they pick ones that are profitable then that means they can grow even more and possibly license more that I am interested in.

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    Grace of the Gods

    Actually Grace of the Gods Manga was licnesed by Square-Enix-Books-and-Manga, they just announced it at AnimeNYC this past Saturday.

    The only LNs that Yen Announced are:

    High School DxD
    High School Prodigies Have it Easy Even in Another World
    The Demon Sword Master at Excalibur Academy
    Banished from the Hero's Party. I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside
    In the Land of Leadale
    Three Days of Happiness

    Everything else was manga

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    @rahul-balaggan Thanks, I stand corrected on who licensed Grace of the Gods. I think it was Square Enix that didn't seem to say whether they licensed manga or lightnovels as well so sorry to Yen Press for saying that about them.