App - Latest Releases tab and notification function

  • Ideally, this tab sorts all releases chronologically and sorts releases in chronological order. However, certain titles seem to consistently ignore this and story themselves semi-alphabetically. Titles that I've noticed as repeat offenders are "Paying to Win in a VRMMO" and "If it's for My Daughter..."

    This error is also readily apparent if you look at the current latest releases page on the app. As of right now, the latest release is "Little Apocalypse" and "Mixed Bath...", but the app lists "Faraway Paladin" above "Mixed Bath..." Specifically with "If it's for My Daughter...", the latest volume 2 part 3 release is listed below volume 2 part 2 of the same series.

    It would be ideal if the app listed releases chronologically, at least in the same order as the releases page on the website. For convenience, I've subscribed to the RSS to notify me of new release in case a series I follow isn't posted at the top of the latest release tab.

    As a suggestion, I think the option to turn on notifications for either all new releases or just followed series would be convenient.

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