App Request: Option to have the app ask before leaving a chapter

  • My phone has a bit of a twitchy back button so often times I will be reading and then I will accidentally press back. This is a huge pain because it can take 30s to a minute to get back to where I was reading, which can be especially annoying since the base page doesn't update the %read for chapters (a refresh button would be awesome for that). Could there be an option to make the program give a "would you like to leave this chapter" question when pressing the back button?

    Another request would be for a way to go from one part to the next without exiting the current part. It doesn't say anywhere what part you are on so when you combine that with the long times to start reading a new part and the fact that the home page doesn't update the %read unless you restart the program it can be very inconvenient to move to the next part.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Staff

    I support this request. I dislike that the read % does not update without extra effort, it's very inconvenient to track where you are.

    One potential solution could be to add a bookmark feature that manually and/or automatically keeps tabs on where you are, in terms of series, part, and page. This can be independent of your account status, so when you load the app there is an option to automatically jump to the page you bookmarked. If the app fails to log in and a member-only chapter is bookmarked, then it can prompt to log in instead.

    Perhaps it would be possible to have all %s updated whenever a chapter is loaded/exited?

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    Sounds good, although of course this wouldn't be as much of a deal if you could automatically resume reading without so much hassle. This is a serious and longstanding problem so JNC really needs to make it a priority. I'd rather have a week without any new releases if it meant they actually made the app save and resume properly and allow you to easily get back to what you were just reading without losing your place or having to wait for splines to be repaginated yet again.

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