Release dates of complete volumes

  • Apologies if this has already been suggested/addressed; I took a quick skim but didn't see it.

    Currently the Releases page on the main site lists whenever a new part is released. Would it be possible to also include when the full volume becomes available for purchase? I'm the kind of guy who doesn't like to wait between parts, I prefer to read the whole volume in one go, so knowing what day I can buy and start reading the complete release would be a big boon for me.

  • I'm the same way in that I only read by volume rather than parts. It's not on this site, but the /r/LightNovels subreddit has a release wiki which lists as many announced release dates as possible for various series including the J-NC ones. (J-NC only really lists releases around a month and a half in advance usually.)

  • I usually do an Amazon search for the release dates.

    Search Amazon for J-Novel Club (Kindle Section)

    Sort by Release.

    quick link to Amazon JNC titles by release

  • @rahul-balaggan off-topic: took a look at that link and... I truly didn't expect Smartphone and Arifureta to be labeled as best-sellers lol. Well, Smartphone was in the short fantasy section, but Arifureta was counted as a full-fledged Action/Adventure so I'm quite impressed

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    Arifureta is the third best-selling J-NC title I think. The WN already had a fan-base in the West when J-NC licensed it.