Leveling made in an Arifureta Volume 3 Illustration makes it a bit too dark.

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    Someone didn't want to post this themselves since they're uncomfortable pointing out Legal Loli Panties. So I'm here in their place.

    I honestly didn't even realize her panty details were visible until my friend (which I'm posting this for) told me that they were censored in the J-NC version. Hell, even on the physical version on my shelf, it's super hard to see. But yea, just a bit of feedback that the leveling washes out the details a bit on the illustration.

    Edit - He also wants me to mention that the incorrect spelling "Shia" is there too despite the correct being Shea.

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    Leveling is always bad. Hopefully Sam will fix it since pantsu details should always be preserved :grin:

    the incorrect spelling "Shia" is there too despite the correct being Shea.

    Why? The correct spelling is "Shia" not "Shea". "Shea" is the localized name. Just wait for SevenSeas printed version, I'm sure they will localize her name.

    Hadn't managed to start reading Vol.3 part 1... "Thou shalt be called Shea..."

  • @aruseus493 First, congratulations. You won the Most Misleading Topic Title of the Week Award thanks to "dark" and "leveling" in context of edgy RPG-style novel.

    As for actual concerns, it's not likely to be caused by clipping (I doubt JNC would ever adjust colors unless assets they got were in a very wrong range or something). Here's a less bad screenshot from an app (with some extra scaling because of device's resolution and extra JPEG artifacts thanks to imgur)
    alt text
    Histogram here almost gradually falls near zero while clipping usually causes a peak with nothing after it (like here on 255, but that's kinda intentional). The first peak is are pixels with value of 10 and those are shadowed part of image. To make something disappear in that background you'd need to clip everything below 10 which would make lots of other lines disappear as well.

    The loss of detail is caused by some combination of downscaling, JPEG compression, possibly denoising, and your screen being unable to show dark colors well.

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