Question: Are these guys going to translate from vol.1

  • Im new here, still reading up on the weird points system these guys use, I have one question:
    Do they translate from Volume 1 like YenPress does ignoring were fan translations leave the series at?
    Because from what Im seeing they are starting from Vol.1 of Grimgar even though fan-translation are up to vol.4
    And does anyone know why do companies do that?

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    @pizzapicante27 Yes, they translate from the first volume and ignore the fan translation.

    Why they do it? Well, just because it makes sense. If you're licensing something you should start from volume 1 and then continue hence forth. Not everyone knows about fan TLs and some of them are not up to par with official translations.

  • Ah, so just another YenPress, what a shame, thanks for the answer.

  • @pizzapicante27 I can't imagine any licensor letting it happen any other way.

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    I would honestly be quite upset if licensors did start translating late because of the presence of fan translations! I don't read fan translations (although I have nothing against them), but when a series is licensed you lose access to them anyway as most respectable groups remove their translation. It's always better for the licensor to start at volume 1.

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    @Demelza Well, I had considered doing something like starting from both vol. 1 AND vol XX where XX is the last part that hasn't been fan translated yet.
    But the more you think about such thing, the less realistic it becomes.

    In the end it's best to start at Vol. 1 and just keep up a consistent pace.

  • @Jyuichi Yup, thats why I said it was a shame

  • I can't see how another Yenpress would be a bad thing. If you disagree with their translations that's one thing to be upset with them starting from the beginning is another.

    In the course of 2 years I have gone from 0 light novel volumes to over 150, and they have all been nothing but amazing.

    On the flip side if Yenpress started in the middle volumes then I and a lot of others would have stayed away, because We wouldnt know the whole story.

    Why would any company want to alienate their paying customers by saying go read the first few volumes here illegally and then buy the rest from us.

    On the other side why would any Japanese publisher say yeah here take this license and we totally understand that you only wanna translate the stuff that hasn't been already been illegally translated.

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    Yeah, I can't imagine a company letting a legit licensor start from later volumes and encourage people to go to fan translations for the early volumes. It'd be like a company encouraging people to watch season one of a show on torrent and only start DVD and bluray with season 2.

  • Why does the book for Grimgar on say the kindle book is only 33 pages for 9.32 dollars CAD? Hopefully that is a typo and it is the whole Volume 1? lol

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    @Bryan when we uploaded the preorder we also needed to upload some placeholder ePub. Don't worry about the metadata counts at the moment.

  • I'd much rather them start from volume 1 onward

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