Gun-ota ga Mahou Sekai Light Novel Suggestion

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    After reading all available translated chapters of Gun-ota ga Mahou Sekai manga and all available translated chapters of the web novel I've came to conclusion that this light novel translation to the english is a must. It will be absolutely amazing.

    Is there any chance for J-Novel Club to pick it up?

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    That's a title from Fujimi Shobo, so it's a Kadokawa property....will probably be a while before J-Novel Club has access to license it.

  • Ugh. that site has a single entry, tagged as "web novel" but with the publisher set to Fujimi Shobo... can't say I've ever encountered it, but the first volume has big boobs and guns on it, which would tend to get a pass from me anyway.

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    @rahul-balaggan ouch. Yen-Press still doesn't have license for it? Anyway, seeing my favorite novels here (Realist Hero, Clockwork Planet, Blusteel & etc), I will hope for the best.

    @shiroi-hane beside big boobs, harem and guns, story is quite good too, characters are well developed and MC's wives are dere-dere, instead of annoying tsun-tsun (at least for the 98 chapters of the Web Novel). Although MC can make guns, he isn't OP and doesn't have a cakewalk in that fantasy world like a Duke Nukem in New-York, there are a lot of times when he has to struggle to survive and do his best to protect people he cherishes. And by looking at currently released manga chapters, I can say that Light Novel is much more polished then Web Novel.

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