Library Rework suggestion

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    One suggestion I can make tIo help make to process of checking members library of books that have bought have a list of series rather than books that you own. This would make it quicker for people who just bought a new book to be able to find and download it; With the current way the library is set up if i purchase a book from one the later series that was picked up I would have to go through a lot of pages just to find the new book, If it was set up will a list of series you could just click on the series and you would get of list of the volumes you own for that specific series. As a bonus I think it would be nice to see the books you do not own in that series with the ability to purchase from there, With the current system you have go through a lot of steps to just buy the book on the website. Such as going to account to buy a token, go to titles to find the series, click on the volume you want, click the Premium one, go to account, go to library, find the book you bought, and finally download it.

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