People over at the J Novel Club are knock off Yakuza

  • I don't even understand how this is an argument, JNC is doing everything legal and the fan translations aren't and we don't even know if they support the authors. If they were doing something legal there wouldn't be an argument to begin with because they wouldn't be scared to take it to court. The point is legal beats illegal.

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    waves hand I read fan translations. I also read official translations based on anime and/or manga that's been brought west. I also support and buy actual translations when they get licensed. Not to mention works I buy in the original Japanese in spite of not speaking it in order to support the author (Done that for DXD and Date a Live for instance).

    Example: Was reading No Game No Life before it was licensed. When it was licensed, hey, I started buying it from Yen Press because /now that it's legally available/, I am going to put my money where my mouth is. ;) Granted, that's a sad example as the first volume of NGNL is ... not the best, but it got better. :)

    It's true that fan translations bring word of mouth to many fans. But that service would not give them the right to ignore copyright law. If the author asked them to drop it, they should. If it's a LN and gets licensed, they have to drop it or they're basically being jerkasses. There is no moral or legal allowance for 'hey, leave us alone, we brought this to you originally so we have special rights and dispensations!' They don't.

    Basically for me? WNs are whatever. It's fine to ask to drop them if you have an official LN license, but as Sam mentioned in the mail, he has no legal weight for it. I can understand asking though, as a lot of times WN are the same as the LN, if far more poorly edited. (Death March, as an example, is different in that the LN has actual new arcs and fairly extensive tweaks) So whatev. The author is the only one who can do /that/. LN? As long as there's no official translation, I like them. Soon as it's licensed? It's a happy time when we get another official license in the West and supports the process of bringing more fiction to the West.

    I'm probably being less than coherent as I had a loooong day at work. But I'm sure you get my gist.

  • I'm not completely aganist fan translations as I've read quite a few of them in the past and I'm sure it'll happen again.
    But like others have mentioned, when a LN gets an official release, there is no need for a fan translation anymore. They have done their job(and I personally thank them for that)

    The message you quoted doesn't seem like a threat to me, isn't that just your personal opinion? Have the translator explicitly mentioned that he felt threatened by this? Or did he just respect J-Novel for the service they're doing?

    I could also aruge that it would be a scam for fan translators to continue to translate things that have an official release(i know it's the WN)

    The strong bulling the weak? More like someone is delusionally feeling threatened by the superiority of the rightfully strong ones.

    Correct me if I've got something wrong.

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    Yeah. I mean, I appreciate fan translators who get things out there that isn't being translated. I would never have read DXD or Date a Live, two shockingly good series in spite of strong ecchi content, without fan translators. But they don't have any sort of inherent right to translate because they got there first, and they are not being bullied for telling them to stop if it goes official (for LN) or suggesting it if the WN is very similar to the LN.

  • If fan translator can have good cooperative relationship with licensor it would be better. Like being integrated as part of the project.

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    Can, yeah. But it depends, really. Warnis is an exception in that his translations, even before J-Novel's editing passes, were quite high quality. A lot of translations (as thankful as I am for them) would need so much editing you might as well translate anew.

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    Am I actually going to take this seriously? No, because in fact, I am smirking at everything that has been accused about J-Novel Club within the statements the following "human" has stated.

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    @village-idiot said in People over at the J Novel Club are knock off Yakuza:

    Just FYI that IIRC the only series Yen Press has actually issued DMCAs for is Danmachi. All other DMCAs including the great Xmass Massacre were issued by Kadokawa themselves.

    They were sent by MarkMonitor on behalf of Hachette Book Group, anyone can report piracy to them via a form on their website.

  • @jnovelaremonsters i agree with this. I cant read alot of light novels because they asked the fan translater to take down there work. The point for a fan translater iz for the fans not for the profit unlike these guys who want the money just to translate.

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    @eric-kancso so what you saying is as long as you get get to read, it doesn’t matter if authors and publishers are fairly compensated for their work?

    Clap, clap, clap

  • @eric-kancso but now you're only thinking about yourself. For one second, stop thinking about yourself and realise how many people and how much time is invested in just creating one single volume.

    It would be understandable if the fan translators created their own work and then gave them out to the public for free or if they translated work without any copyright.

    But that's not the case now. Imagine what would happen if everyone started reading the Light novels for free. Without a doubt these light novels you love so much would cease to exist! Besides, J-Novel club isn't even demanding a fortune of money.

    Now whether or notJ-Novel asked the translators to take down the work, I'm keeping myself out of that.

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    Ok. I'm a firm believer in supporting the official release. Unfortunately, everyone doesn't have the ability to read Japanese. Now, if someone wants to put up their translation of an unlicensed work, I'm a bit more understanding than if there are fan translations of licensed works. The latter is wrong.

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    @eric-kancso Oh No! You can only read the Light Novels JNC have Licenced on JNC and not off of some, Mafia/Yakuza/Pirate Site that asks for "donations" that goes nowhere and risk shady ads that may put a virus on your computer cuz they don't care about you. I am sure there are Translators that genuinely do care and that is why they will take down their translations of series that been licenced because they actually care. Also, I just re-read your comment cuz there was one thing that stuck with me, You said You cant read a lot of LN now cuz of the licences. This tells me that you are either lying or don't support the legal industry. There is so much LN out there that you must be lying so you can push your illegal agenda. I have 0 tolerance for stupidity and an underhanded political agenda. If you are going to be pro Piracy then stand tall and state it, do not use underhanded methods. I just can not respect you if you have no conviction.

  • Translators

    I feel like I've created some kind of zealous cult.

    It's a surprisingly good feeling.


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    I for one, welcome our Savior Sam and J-Novel Club.

    Bows down in worship

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    @sam-pinansky created, or merely unearthed?

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    @aruseus493 said in People over at the J Novel Club are knock off Yakuza:


    I for one, welcome our Savior Sam and J-Novel Club.

    Bows down in worship

    The amount of reverence here is making Terre very funya-funya.

    Are you funya-funya?

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    I feel fine Terre-tan. Come, join us in celebrating the saviors of Light Novels.

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  • @sam-pinansky if worshipping will get me more novels at your awesome speed... where do I sign/get baptized?

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