Question about E-Book and Bug Reports

  • Hello guys. I'm interested in purchasing the upcoming E-Book releases (Grimgar series). The format is in epub, I don't know much about epub. The question is, can it be read with vertical scrolling? Because I prefer reading with vertical scrolling rather than horizontal flipping.

    Also, 2 (probably) bugs I found are:

    1. When I tried to register from my phone, I couldn't select my country because it seems the drop-down button didn't work on mobile.
    2. When I tried tp post this new topic using my phone, I couldn't find the title field so I couldn't post it.

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    Questions about ebook reading: If you download an epub directly from us by using a premium credit if you become a premium subscriber, then you can read the epub using whatever software you'd like!
    Probably the most common one on desktop is called Calibre, and you can read in both paged and vertical scrolling mode.
    As for tablets and devices, there are epub reading apps out there for all of them and each app might have different capabilities.

    The epub itself is agnostic about how it is displayed and read.

    1. The country button on mobile works, it's just really slow... But the good news is you can change your country whenever you like after the fact, so just leaving on the default is fine. It only affects the amazon and kobo links.
    2. This is a known bug with this particular forum skin on mobile. If you change the skin in your profile settings to something other than Yeti you can edit the topic title on mobile.

  • @Sam-Pinansky
    Thanks for the reply!

    Oh, I think I will buy the ebook from Kobo. I never buy anything from there. So let me ask question again, is the epub files bought directly from j-novel and from other sites such as kobo/amazon different in term of what application we can use to read/open it?

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    @ky0n_77 Kobo uses epub files, just like we do, but the ones you download retail you might have to use Kobo's apps to do the reading.

    If you haven't dealt with ebooks before I suggest googling a bit there are plenty of places which will tell you all the ins and outs of the ecosystems (and I'll admit it's sort of a mess).

  • @Sam-Pinansky
    I see. Well, I'll do that when I'm home later. Thanks Sam-Pinansky. :)

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