Improvement: Make premium preorder available as soon as the first part is available

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    What the title says. Currently, I have to check a lot of times before I can actually preorder books. To give an example: Realist Hero 5, Clockwork Planet 3 and Rokujouma 8.

    It would be nice to be able to just preorder as soon as the book becomes visible because it's more convenient to just check the library instead of every individual book.

  • I wonder if it has something to do with licensing (like Ao Oni and Yume Nikki may or may not be not be on amazon yet because of prolonged negotiations and something similar may apply to premium).
    Anyway, it certainly won't look too pretty with the current layout.

    Rokujouma 8


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    @anpan although I agree with you I just don’t think it is doable for pre-orders to go up that early.

    I can’t remember the exact reason but amazon always goes up first for pre-order and premium edition the next day.

    And they can’t put it up on amazon that early because you can’t judge what will happen over the next few weeks. Several series have been hit with some delays, and if they gave amazon an early release date they might miss that date. They HAVE to release on that date, and if a few weeks have already passed and the book is more or less translated then it is easier to judge that they will make it on time.

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    I cringe at the 2020 and 2025 in that screenshot lol.

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    @tako You're not really supposed to be able to pre-order those right now...
    Those dates are just "really far into the future" placeholders I put in for those.

    Anyway, the system works right now where the preorder link shows up when the book has a listing on Amazon. Amazon's policies about preorders basically means that once that listing goes public it's impossible for us to change the release date, so that's why I have it set to that as the key. We try and upload the amazon listing soon after the first part goes up, but it takes about 24 hours for Amazon to accept the listing (more sometimes if they ask for reconfirmation of rights), and then another ~24 for us to link it into the web page.

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    @sam-pinansky I see, but then there is nothing stopping you from just having the premium link show up earlier than the amazon one, is there?

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