What Other Light Novels Are You Reading?

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    There are a lot of Light Novels coming out right now. What is everyone reading right now?

    I'm buying four series right now, Log Horizon, Durarara!!, Baccano, and My Teenage Romantic Comedy is Wrong, As I Expected. Of those, I'm actively working my way through Log Horizon and Durarara!!

    I hadn't watched any of the LH anime, so I went into it pretty fresh. I thought the first volume had a lot of really cool ideas, but the second volume really sold me on the series. The idea of solving the problems through sheer economic solutions is really unique to me, and it brings a refreshingly new perspective to "Trapped in the Game" stories. I'm also pretty fond of the character work being done too.

    I had seen the first Durarara!! anime, and picked up the novels after going to Ikebukuro for the first time this summer. Knowing the locations a little better makes the story come to life a bit more. I was surprised at how quickly I got back into the story when I started reading it. Narita writes with an energy that I really dig. I also like the setting of Ikebukuro a lot.

    Anything that's caught your eye recently?

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    If Yen Press, Viz Media, Vertical, Seven Seas, One Peace Books have released a light novel I have purchased it.

    The ones that really stand out to me in no particular order are:

    -Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon
    -The Isolator
    -A Certain Magical Index
    -Kizumonogatari (and the rest of the monogatari series)
    -Spice and Wolf

    And I am very, very excited for the release of Goblin Slayer this December, I have bought all the Manga chapters they released and I can not wait for its release.

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    I'm reading a lot of fantasy right now. Mostly likely because me and my friends have started playing less 40k and more Kings of War(let's see if anyone knows what I'm talking about). I've just caught up with Grimgar and I'm about to try to catch up with Occultic;Nine and then start on Brave Chronicle. When released, I pick up Overlord, SAO Progressive, and Danmachi. SAO Progressive Vol. 4 and Danmachi: Sword Oratoria Vol. 1 arrived over the last couple of weeks but I'm saving them for a Thanksgiving road trip.

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    For licensed stuff that I own:

    • Danmachi
    • Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
    • Monogatari Series
    • Strike the Blood
    • Sword Art Online: Progressive
    • Shield Hero

    Otherwise, here is my full LN Reading List. (Anything in the On-Hold section are Dead/Untranslated.)

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    For me I actively follow:

    Sword Art Online
    Sword Art Online Progressive
    DanMachi: On the Side
    The Devil is a Part-Timer
    The Isolator

    I also collect Log Horizon and Strike the Blood but I'm quite a few volumes behind with them currently.

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    Caught up with:
    The Isolator
    Sword Art Online
    SAO Progressive (40 pages left on the current volume)
    The Asterick War
    My Youth Romantic Comedy...
    Rise of Shield Hero
    No Game No Life
    Strike the Blood

    I'm one volume behind on Log Horizon and two behind on Black Bullet, I've also just finished the first volume of Vampire Hunter D

    Currently I'm reading Violet Knight. I like what Cross Infinite Worlds is doing by translating web novels. I think they'd be great partners for J-Novel

    I'm also caught up with all the J-Novel chapters, though I'm heading to Vietnam next week and may have limited wifi access so I'll fall behind (my life is so hard, please pity my pain :-P

    I've started a number of others but those are what I currently follow.

    When I write it down it looks like a lot, but it's my main solo hobby outside of music (I watch tv with my girlfriend but not much on my own)

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    @the-green-death How do you feel about Cross Infinite World as a publisher.

    I mean they only released 2 series this year and only 1 volume for each series. Then they jumped into manga real fast.

    I wanna read the stuff they have but there's is nothing I hate more then having incomplete volumes on my shelves whether they be my physical or digital shelves. (Looking at you Viz media with Gintama)

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    @Rahul-Balaggan I like Cross Infinite in that they are a scrappy little company translating Shojo web novels which is pretty remarkable, and since I'm a big light novel geek I want to support those companies releasing a diversity of material!

    I do wish they'd focus more on light novels less on manga, but I emailed them and they said volume two of Violet Knight will be out tentatively in March, so it looks like there will be more to come.

    Of course it's possible they won't finish titles but so far VK is good but not so great that I'd be devastated if I just got the first part. I suspect (though I'm just 50% into it) that volume one will end with some degree of conclusiveness. But unfinished works don't bother me too much as long as I enjoy the ride and it doesn't end as a cliffhanger.

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    @the-green-death Thank You very much for your reply. Depending on how they look in June of the coming year I will just pick up all of their backlog and hope for the best.

    It's nice that VK Vol 2 will come out early next year, but that is a 6 month turnover rate, and that has me worried. I already complain about Yen On and their 4 month turnover rate.

    I am not worried about them really dropping titles, I am actually worried about it becoming another Tokyopop in that they take on more then they can handle and then that have to close down, leaving whatever titles they picked up in limbo.

    I am actually really interested in the manga they picked up, Little Hero.

    I actually think I am more excited for that then the actual novels they have licensed.

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    I'm reading:

    All You Need is Kill (actually listening to the English audiobook on Hoopla, The Edge of Tomorrow).
    Overlord vol 1 and 2
    SNAFU vol 1
    Welcome to the NHK
    Rising of the Shield Hero (up to Vol 4)
    Devil is a Part Timer (up to Vol 4)
    The Isolator (finished Vol 1)

    I have the Kizumonogatari and Galactic Heroes Audiobooks ready to read in the future. Goblin Slayer, Rokka no Yuusha, and Death March of the Parallel World Rhapsody are also planned reads.

    Just finished Baccano vol 1 too (can't wait to catch up with the anime, I think in Vol 4).

    And I'm reading an English authored book called Game Over: A Series of Ends 1, that I would consider light novel esque (it has some drawn symbols, and takes place in a virtual world; bit thicker than an LN I guess though).

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    Up to date with:
    Danmachi - really enjoyed the recent volume that took place after the anime ended, with the competition
    Devil is a Part-Timer - love the combination of fantasy and slice of life antics (and different from most slice of life in that the majority of characters are not students)

    Reading Vol. 2 of No Game No Life and just started Death Note: L Change the World.

    I've been reading one light novel volume at a time for awhile, but have decided to up that to one in print and one digital for now.

    Just got SAO: Progressive Vol. 2 and am looking forward to reading that after I finish Death Note.

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    @whoisfriend What do you think of Baccano (had you seen the anime)? I really enjoyed vol 1 despite seeing the anime.

    I'm also partial to Shield Hero volume 1.

    Overlord vol 1 is a bit dull, though I hear the series gets good.

  • Overlord, Hataraku Maou sama and My teen romantic comedy is wrong as i expected. Oregairu is my favorite :D

  • Besides everything that J-Novel Club is currently translating...

    A Certain Magical Index
    Accel World
    Black Bullet
    Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?
    Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Sword Oratoria
    Kagerou Daze
    The Monogatari Series
    Log Horizon
    My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong As I Expected
    No Game No Life
    Psycho Love Comedy (Psycome)
    Re: Zero
    Spice and Wolf
    Sword Art Online: Progressive
    Sword Art Online
    The Asterisk War
    The Devil Is a Part-Timer!
    The Irregular at Magic High School
    The Isolator
    The Rising of the Shield Hero
    Tokyo Ghoul (Spin-off LN)

    I'm pretty much reading and am caught up on everything currently released by Yen On, except for Durarara (which I think was completely covered by the anime, if not, correct me) and Strike the Blood (because the anime's ending pissed me off). I also read a lot of manga.

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    Was happy to get a package from RightStuf with the new SAO, Asterick War and the first volume of Goblin Slayer.

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    Starting Baccano volume 4 now. Wish me luck at finishing this and the three expiring J-Novel volumes I haven't read (suspect I'll be using my credits on one or two of those). 😣

  • @terrence good luck, no life it if you have too like I do XD

  • Among a bunch of other titles listed here... Goblin Slayer.

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    Nearly every single Yen Press and JNC series.

  • Date A Live by Koushi Tachibana, such a good series and I really hope it could get licensed here in English by either J-novel or Yen Press or anyone else

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