What Other Light Novels Are You Reading?

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    Which novel are you guys getting tomorrow? 'Mommy Isekai' or 'Guy who uses no sword despite the title being Sword Tale'? Or neither or both?

    I'm getting Mommy and I'm reading Katanagatari right now.

  • @terrence all the novels

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    I am currently reading Saga of Tanya the Evil, The Asterisk War and Rokujouma

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    @smiley_101 said in What Other Light Novels Are You Reading?:


    I still gotta take a look at Tanya. Book #2 is one of the most imposing LN volumes size wise I hear.

    Reading Mommy Isekai. It's kind of fun to have a "Beta Testing" story for comedic purposes instead of the "fully fleshed out realistic world that has no flaws". It'd be nice if we run into glitches at some point. x)

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    I started "Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average".

    Page 21:
    "Even if it is a strange to hear a prayer from a so-called 'god' such as myself"

    I'm reading my physical copy aloud, and it mostly sounded good until that point.

    I like this girl. I think people always have those influences in their lives that heap too much praise and expectations at you instead of challenging you or helping you become better. And it hurts on the social level to be a target of intense praise (teacher's pets). T_T

    How is the god going to mess this up?

    God mentioned 'nanomachines son!' but I don't really get it. Did the Nanomachines distribute the magic to the humans, and the magic halted progress because humans didn't need to invent anything once they had magic? Like, there's always an argument that if you had fire magic, humans wouldn't need to invent electric devices or gas devices as much.

    I'm very interested in where they may be going with the whole "life vs entropy" battle. Can humans win out and defy the death of the universe? What can our young female lead do to halt that progress towards the end, if anything?

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    I just started "Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?" potential Oedipus complex fears from the title notwithstanding (a topic that would cause an automatic NOPE from me ) This turns out to be a hoot. Its a parody/ deconstruction of isekai/ transported into a game tropes, OP protagonist tropes, harem tropes, and the far to common (IMHO) weird cringe-inducing incest fetish fuel in some LNs (brocon/siscon etc)

    Instead we get a single mother and her teen-aged son participating in BETA testing a MMPORG (and transported in) where to purpose of the came (according to the creators of the game) is

    hilarity ensues

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    @jon-mitchell That little details in spoilers & the previously mentioned parody/deconstruction stuff sells this series to me more than all the previous stuff that's been written about it. Might have to take a closer look.

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    I find it interesting that:

    and that the 'harem' is: