What Other Light Novels Are You Reading?

  • @tremorc there's something I just need to know before buying it... How did they localize her trademark "Nai wa~"??

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    Juni Taisen finished. It was ok. Fights were definitely a bit quicker / more lackluster than I guess you'd maybe expect, and heroes made poor decisions so frequently. I guess the war wouldn't end if battles dragged out though.

    The ending left me feeling a bit empty, but I guess that's probably another intended effect. I feel like this would make for an exciting Visual Novel

    Now what to read? Realist Hero, Demon King Daimao, or not spend my time before the prepubs expire well by starting Empty Box or So I'm a Spider?

    Edit: Magical Girl Raising Project time? I think so!

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    Yeah, after the first episode and first couple chapters of the Juni Taisen manga I was pretty hyped, but I was mostly let down by it in the end. It's ok, and had a strong start, but the structure of the novel makes it less enjoyable by the end.

    I read the first two volumes of Magical Girl Raising Project from Yen. I had watched the anime, and the first volume was more or less the same. Some extra characterization was taken out (my understanding is that the anime got some content from future novels + fanbooks thrown in), but it was still a good read that presented the events in a better order than the anime.

    Volume 2 is where things shined more for me. I'm sure that's partly because I didn't actually know what would happen going in, but the set-up for the second game was more clever than I was expecting. I also liked more of the running plots and mysteries. One of them seems fairly straightforward, but I'm still excited to check out the second part. Shame we have to wait 3 months, Japan only had to wait 1 month between volumes 2 and 3. :disappointed:

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    I'm reading "So I'm A Spider, So What?!".

    Very Shield Hero in the way it deals with skill acquisition. Eating monsters, getting attacked, and performing actions all lead to skill leveling.

    So, on the skill appraisal.

    I'm very curious how our friends will communicate with our spider friend. I mean, she can probably draw Kanji / Hira / Kara with her webs if given enough time?

    Regarding the other characters, wonder if they'll do anything with the gender stuff.

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    I also got the spider LN lol. Though I’ve only read the first chapter so far :P

  • Also got Kumoko's LN, and I'm really liking it so far

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    I didn't know where to mention this, but the Japanese language Konosuba volumes are 80% off on Bookwalker JP.

    I'm working my way through Psycome right now.

    Edit: I picked this up on the coin up.

    alt text

    "Yashiro who was suspected of possessing a counterfeit currency, jumped into a shabby shop after pursued by a guard, was hailed for (Called for? Saved by?) a breathtaking big chested pretty girl Jennet for some reason -!"

  • @aruseus493 zero no tsukaima final volume(s) is being translated . these volumes were written by a different author after the original author's death . he wrote down the volumes as per instructed by the original author with desired ending of original author. it is also in similar stye so readers can't tell the difference between two

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    The author who did it is the guy who did Blade Dance, which horrible anime aside isn't bad really. He has a similar style, if with less creepy BDSM undertones, so I'm looking forward to reading them. (Suddenly, I feel like I'm talking about Robert Jordan, who also had creepy BDSM undertones that Sanderson avoids. :)

  • @dtta said in What Other Light Novels Are You Reading?:

    The author who did it is the guy who did Blade Dance, which horrible anime aside isn't bad really. He has a similar style, if with less creepy BDSM undertones, so I'm looking forward to reading them. (Suddenly, I feel like I'm talking about Robert Jordan, who also had creepy BDSM undertones that Sanderson avoids. :)

    ugh... Blade Dance... I really like the LN, so imagine my frustration when that trainwreck of an adaptation. Specially that "finale" if you can call it that.

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    I didn't know where to put this, but I saw Log Horizon's 11th volume is due in Japan this month. So if you were waiting for that to continue to read it, may be a good time to do so.


    I'm between works (next months expirees don't interest me too much).

    Konosuba V1
    Yume Nikki
    Infinite Dendrogram V1

    Abandoned the Suzumiya novel (can't get motivated to read them knowing there is no "ending").

  • I read Destruction Flag Otome this past week. I love Bakarina xDD. Damn, was that novel so hillarious, I hope some company licenses it so we get the rest (only vols 1-3 have been wholly fan-translated) winks at Sam

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    I also read the LN Destruction Flag Otome volume 1 and 2 recently, thanks to the manga being shared somewhere and loved what I read of that so I imminently found out about the LN and consumed it. Bakarina is a true wonder of the universe.

    My complete light novel reading/read list is:

    • Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon / Sword Oratoria
    • Overlord
    • I saved too many Girls and caused the Apocalypse
    • Psycome
    • My Big sister lives in a Fantasy World
    • My little Sister can read Kanji
    • In another world with my Smartphone
    • Paying to win in a VRMMO
    • The Faraway Paladin
    • How a realist hero rebuilt the Kingdom
    • The Devil is a Part Timer
    • Arifureta: Commonplace to World Strongest
    • Bluesteel Blasphemer
    • Mixed bathing in another dimension
    • Deathmarch to a Parallel world
    • The Asterisk War
    • If Its For My Daughter I'd even Defeat a Demon Lord
    • Infinite Demdrogram
    • Daemon King Daimao
    • Clockwork Planet
    • Konosuba
    • Goblin Slayer
    • Invaders of the Rokujouma
    • No Game no Life
    • Outbreak Company
    • Monster Girl Doctor
    • The Saga of Tanya the Evil
    • How NOT to summon a Demon Lord
    • Walking My Second Path in Life
    • So I'm a spider, So What!?
    • The Time I Got reincarnated as a Slime
    • Didn't I say to make my Abilities Average in the Next Life?!

    "Didn't I say to make my Abilities Average in the Next Life?!" is the latest digital light novel I brought and read on a complete whim and I ended up really enjoying it. Of course as my LN list might show I'm a fairly easily pleased reader. It is a light hearted fantasy story where the term "average" is stretched to its limit. To try and compare it to others I read, it reminded me of Walking my Second Path in Life, a little (sort of.. kinda..maybe?), as a somewhat clueless but strong female lead trying to just get there own way in life. It was fun and I'm looking forward to more.

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    I recently binged all of Seirei Gensouki, it's pretty good, pretty typical isekai but blended with some Tsuki ga Michibiku in a neat way.

    My current binge is Release That Witch, a Chinese web novel that starts out very Dungeon Defense but quickly goes full-on Realist Hero in the best way. There are 700+ chapters available with a ridiculous release schedule (site claims 16/week), most of it free, latest chapters just locked behind watching a short ad video (or so I hear, I'm "only" on chapter 503 :v). Author must be an engineer because every once in a while an entire chapter goes full on science mode :o

  • I'm currently on a Campione! binge as well as mixing in some other series like Majo no Tabitabi (volume 2), Yuusha no Segare (volume 2), and something about a Demon Lord and his Elf Wife which I grabbed volume 1 of. Pretty much I'm in a happy state with plenty to read even if I got a week or two without official releases of series I'm following.

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    @terrence About appraisal:

    About Katia... spoilers ahead:

  • Overlord, The Isolator

  • @aruseus493 that's nice dude

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    I’m on volume 9 of Shield Hero and have to say after liking the last volume but not so much the two before, I’m having a harder and harder time getting into these, which is sad because I really liked the series at the start. Too many characters now and most don’t have much character. Lots of fighting and leveling up without the drama needed to create an interesting narrative. I’ll probably keep following the series because I’ve already read so many volumes, but really hope it gets better soon.

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    Just got my second volume of “So I’m a Spider, So What?” at Books-a-Million today. After reading the first volume a couple months ago, I read a lot of the WN translations, but there seemed to be differences, and I really liked YP’s translation. Can’t wait to get into it!