Dont ruin other peoples translations

  • Let others translate like they normaly do on there own website and let the readers read for free. Thats what got me into reading light novels. You ruined so many storys for me b/c i cant pay 5$ a month to read here because i dont have a job so i need to use sites that offer translations for free. But if you make the translater take down there translations what am i suppose to do. Start translating your own novels b4 someelse picks it up. Make your money that way.

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    3/10, no angry swearing or ridiculous emoji spam.

  • Personally I think JNC should find out all the light novels OP is currently reading illegally and specifically only license them...

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    @rahul-balaggan No need to be catty.
    @eric-kancso I understand where you are coming from but "ruined so many storys" is kind of taking it too far, When you use the term "ruin" I think that you're talking about quality. If it's quality wise, JNC has most fan translations beat. JNC so far also out paces almost all fan translator with a few notable exceptions (can think of about 3 fan translator off the top of my head that have ungodly speed and high quality). With speed, it also means that they catch up to with the series in Japan pretty fast. There is only one title that JNC has that I can think of that would take forever for them to catch up on and that would be Rokujouma. Even in that case, JNC has made it so you can read the prepubs for where the fan translations fell off. In my opinion, JNC has took the time and effort to no alienate the light novel community as much as they can, Hell, they went at far as saying that they wont actually send a DMCA for fan translators since it takes some work to do but they will crush them with quality and speed. They just send a letter to the fan translators asking them to stop in lawyerese.

    As for the money thing. I get. I live in America most people live pay check to pay check. Nowadays you can't even get a meal at a fast food joint for 5 dollars. But you should at least make an effort to support an industry that you enjoy. I'm not saying starve yourself to buy a light novel or anything but make an effort to do something to make the companies know that you have an interest in light novels. Since if there isn't a market for it they will stop bring them over and then we all lose. Fan translations rarely finish series at all but at least if a company brings over a title there is an expectation that they continue it until they can't. If they drop a series it would effect the trust the fans have in that company as well as the overseas companies have in them. Which would make it harder them them to license future titles. When compared to when a fan translator drops a series it may never be picked back up.

    And for the part about picking up untranslated series, the argument can be made both ways. Fan translations can just pick up another series that's interesting and translate that instead of taking the risk of continuing to translate a licensed work.

    I know reading all this may sound like I'm pro official releases and dumping on fan translations. But that's not it at all. I don't mind when fan translator continue to translate a licensed work if it would take YEARS for the official releases to get anywhere close to the Japanese releases. I loath when DMCA is issued for series that isn't even licensed in English (looking at you Campione!) and when the official releases are inconsistent serie's terminology or translation (as in sometime using neesan then using sister or using san/sama then randomly dropping them). I give fan translations more leeway in that regards since they are fans and not professionals. If not for fan translations I wouldn't even have gotten into anime, manga or light novels at all.

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    @eric-kancso you are a Genuine Leecher.

    I'll be impressed if you can say that to the Japanese publishers that "I want to read your novels in English for free so can you not allow the licensing of novels that already have a fan translation and if you do allow licensing on them please let the fan translations continue so I can read it for free".

    No matter your reasons or your complaints you have no right whatsoever to criticize or complain about take downs of fan translation. It's not just illegal it's also unethical to distribute a work that has a copyright or license. Fan translation is just a means to introduce the original work to the English community and if the translators continue their translation its their choice since they are the ones taking the risks of being put into court and not YOU the Genuine Leeacher. It also means they have the right to accept the take down notice if they don't want to take the risks of continuing the translation or simply ignoring the take down notice and continue taking the risks for YOU the Genuine Leecher. All in all Genuine Leechers have no right whatsoever on licensing and fan translations since the just leech off the work and risks that other people take for them. Fan translations are for the fans in expense of the fan translators. The best way to show respect to them is simply respecting the take down of the series and not complaining. They already did their job of introducing and popularizing the series and since it's a hobby and not a job fans don't have the right in regards if the translations will be continued, delayed, taken down, or licensed.

    The most you can complain is the slow release pace of Yen Press or the localization of the translation.

    No matter how much you whine your just showing your ugly personality because you want to read it for free when originally even the Japanese people pay for it. If your that bothered because of the take down then learn Japanese that's what I'm doing and I'm not paying a cent in learning Japanese I'm learning using the internet that has a lot of references for learning Japanese. The most I can read right now are children's book and manga that uses as little kanji as possible. It'll take probably a year or two before I can read a LN and even then I'll still support JNC since I really like how they do thing compared to Yen Press and other publishers.

    JNC is fan translation friendly since their release pace is so fast that most of their licensed titles are already caught up and it didn't even take a year for them to caught up to most of their series. As for their long series like Grimgar they are already more than half of the current number of volumes in Japan and Grimgar was licensed just a year ago, that means in a year since Grimgar was released JNC was able to release 6 volumes and the 7th volume being half complete. The fan translation of Grimgar was only until volume 4 which is not even complete. What in the hell can you complain about JNC's service with this kinds of result?

    Before you complain and whine try understanding the work being put on fan translations and the original work. Let's see if you can proudly say that you can let other people read for free as well. People can't eat gratitude. They may be motivated and happy but they can't eat it. For fan translators gratitude and respect is enough and maybe even donations depending on the translators. But for the original author gratitude and respect aren't enough. They need money to live as well.

    If you really want it to be free then create a country where food, clothes, electricity, water, gas, entertainment, shelter, and everything else is free as well and let the authors live their where they can simply write stories as long as they wish since everything they need to live and enjoy life is free.

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    Those godly fast translators are probably Js06, zzhk, and Bakapervert. They can dish out a volume in less than a month and the fastest is less than a week.

  • Your argument boils down to "things should be free because I can't afford them."

    EDIT: Wanted to add that there's nothing wrong with believing things should be free, but if you expect to have your beliefs respected then you also have to respect that other people want to be compensated for the work they've done, primarily the original authors, publishing companies, and localization companies. Other people have to put food on the table too.

    In other words, "don't ruin other people's livelihoods."

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    @bartzbb I would add Warnis to the list before being absorbed by JNC.

    Also Js06 is probably Kamachi in disguise seeing that he soloed most of Kamachi work.

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    @corp20 I believe Rokujouma is JNC's largest series, but they are making rapid progress translating the early volumes. Baka-tsuki has fan translations of the volumes JNC hasn't translated yet, and take down their translation as each prepub is released. I'm estimating JNC will have the entire series translated in about two more years. (In contrast, Yen Press still won't be caught up on either SAO or Devil is a Part-Timer by then.)

  • @paul-nebeling Isn't that mostly because Warnis is working on it, if not just re-editing his fan translations? Not saying that JNC is otherwise slow, just that in this particular case the work isn't starting from zero, so that's a pertinent factor to consider.

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    @myskaros Ok. I'll give you that one. Still, he does have to edit and make minor revisions for consistency, (I have read both versions.) so I wouldn't say he's doing nothing. He has managed to "convert" nine volumes since the start of May, with sixteen volumes, plus all of the side stories to go. I'm hoping the side stories get included in the Premium E-books.

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    How many fan translations flounder and die when the translator gets bored? I can think of many.

    Here you pay yes... But you get quality and surety. Scraping up a few dollars a month should be doable even for schoolkids etc...

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    @bartzbb Yes, yes it is. No clue as to HOW they can do what they do but its amazing. Also add Nigal to that list.
    @shipteaser to be fair imo fan translation is a hobby, so when you get bored or life just hits you like a truck it falls by the wayside.

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    @corp20 said in Dont ruin other peoples translations:

    @bartzbb Yes, yes it is. No clue as to HOW they can do what they do but its amazing. Also add Nigal to that list.

    Nigel is a god. His overlording is legendary anf i fall like a puppet whose strings have been cut without him.
    However even though i read Nigels fantrans i still buy the Yen On versions. Because thats how it should work.

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    My view is that if a fan translation series gets licensed, then its done its job of introducing the series and getting a publisher to notice.

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    Entropy as well. During his translation spree, he was translating full volumes in days.

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    Oh No! You can only read the Light Novels JNC have Licenced on JNC and not off of some, Mafia/Yakuza/Pirate Site that asks for "donations" that goes nowhere and risk shady ads that may put a virus on your computer cuz they don't care about you. I am sure there are Translators that genuinely do care and that is why they will take down their translations of series that been licenced because they actually care. I Can not believe you don't even have the money to even buy pop or chips or just you general snacks if 5 dollars is too expensive for you when you have 23 series with most of them having multiple books. Also, you must be extremely patient if you want to read a fan-translation instead of a professional JNC translations. I just don't have the patience to wait over a month just for a part of a chapter or two. I just can't wait half a year or more a single volume to be completely translated. Having a schedule of 1/8 of the book getting translated per week is more up my alley. wait ... You must be a monk or something with that level of patience. Though I suppose there will always be that person who will support the worse product before it eventually dies out. though I just can't wait for a lifetime for a series to get translated and I like higher quality over lower quality. Welp, I guess you are certainly living the stereotypical Monk-life, sir monk dude.

    Edit: I just noticed that you are being very elusive and cowardly. Just outright state that you do not want to support the author of the series. I can not respect you if you have no conviction and use underhanded and cowardly methods and language.

  • I think JNC generally saves series by licensing them and is a good thing because I'd hate to wait for LNs to be fully translated and some go on hiatus for months sometimes even years.

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    I have no problem with fan translations of unlicensed works but nobody has a right to free content except that which has lawfully entered the public domain. JNC supports the authors and publishers which encourages new releases. JNC does a great job of keeping up a good pace with their novels whilst maintaining a higher quality of translation than typing fan translations. The prices are quite reasonable and reflects the effort put into the translations as well as the cost of the license. For novels that are published in paperback you could try to convince your local library to stock them.

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    @paul-nebeling said in Dont ruin other peoples translations:

    rogress translating the early volumes. Baka-tsuki has fan translations of the volumes JNC hasn't translated yet, and take down their translation as each prepub is released. I'm estimating JNC will have the entire series translated in about two more years. (In contrast, Yen Press still won't be caught up on either SAO or Devil is a Part-Timer by then.)

    Well.. I readed Rokujouma in Baka-tsuki and I loved it, but I haven't read the J version yet. The quality of translation is good? I hate to see the honorifics removed.