Can you guys make a way to pay the membership via playstore credits?

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    I dont have a ICC so its impossible to be a member. Is there a way to pay membership in a different way? If not will you guys implement something like paying with google playstore credits?

  • Google Play and Apple Store charge developers 30% for all transactions (though it's reduced to 15% for subscribers staying >12 months).
    Currently subscriptions are sold via Stripe with ~5% fee. Implementation aside, subscriptions through store would be noticeably more expensive. PayPal seems more likely to happen.

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    Can you get a prepaid/travel debit card maybe in the mean time?

    They sell em in the post office shops or travel agents here in Australia, you just load them up with whatever currency you want & they work like a normal debit visa or mastercard after that.

    Also, Qantas' frequent flyer member card is actually one of these prepaid travel debit cards as well as the membership card, so heaps of Aussies already have one of these things that can have different currencies loaded on it and don't realise it, so it is possible there could be a similar situation in other countries/with other airlines too. (unless your no CC is an age thing, then you're probably screwed unless you can get someone older to get you the prepaid card)

  • You can get one of those in the US by going to any pharmacy or big store that has gift card sections. I remember getting those to buy cheap gold for some games and not getting my ssn/cc stolen since the sellers were kinda iffy. You had to call to activate the card tho and it worked like a regular cc. Well depending on what you plan to use the card for when you call to get it activated and they ask for a SSN just tell them you don't have one and they will activate it w/o your SSN. That's if you plan on using it for more stuff. Another awesome thing about those cards as I had multiple I would use them for free 1 month trials that required a cc number XD . I was a broke boy back then and this helped with free Netflix for a year. Granted I had to pay for the cards to get money on them but I still didn't have to pay for Netflix.

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