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    I understand why you wouldnt want to make a downloadable e-pub so, how about givinh some sort of audiable version. Machine voice would work, since there are plenty of times i want to read but have to keep my hands and eyes focused on something else while my mind is free.
    Would that be possible? What do you guys think about it?

  • @brin said in Audio Version:

    you wouldnt want to make a downloadable e-pub

    They do, though.

    Machine voice would work

    Kindle supposedly supports TTS and DRM-free premium e-pubs do as well (with appropriate software).
    Separately sold synthesized audio books may be viewed same as selling machine translation, I bet it won't make a good public image even if there's an actual demand.

    IIRC there are forum topics for actual audio books and requests for in-app TTS, you can search for those too.

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    I just tried using the text-to-speech facility of the Android book reader app 'Prestigio' with one of the Epubs I purchased from J-Novel Club and it worked. It does say sometimes "dot dot dot" for "...", though,

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    @shiny said in Audio Version:

    It does say sometimes "dot dot dot" for "...", though,

    Ha ha, yeah.

    There's other workarounds for the prepubs too. Turn on Shake to Speak setting in your TalkBack setting on Android. Download a TTS extension for Google Chrome on the PC. Use the Microsoft Store unofficial app for Windows Devices someone posted that has a play straight through function.

    But I would definitely love some kind of official text to speech functionality (with a pause and rewind function especially, but if that's too difficult, so be it).

    I absolutely need this for Bookwalker light novels too since those have no work around to have them read to me (I mention this every time I take a survey there).

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