Is it possible to have a bi monthly credit option?

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    On my end, the stuff I want to read is a bit under paced compared to my credit subscription. Honestly I'd rather there be more titles to select from, but I get that the behind the scenes that might be difficult. If there's a bi monthly option then at least I can slow it down without unsubbing.

  • I'd suggest in that case to downgrade to a normal membership and buy the credits at your own pace, I only upgraded to premium once I realized I was buying at least one book every single month

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    @drglendale I'm not entirely understanding what you are saying, but I'll assume that you're saying that you wouldn't use the "free" premium credit you get every month. In that case, would agree with @paulnamida that you should downgrade to a regular membership. That would save you $6.00 a month on membership costs, while still letting you read titles as they are released, with the option to purchase credits to download the titles that you want to own.

    On the other hand, the extra $6.00 for a premium membership does get you a purchase credit every month, access some additional forums, and a discount rate on purchasing additional credits. ($6.00 versus $7.00 for regular members) Since the credits do not expire, you could let them accumulate for as long as you like. You never know when a title may grab your attention and you'll want to purchase it. Having a bunch of credits laying around might be nice at that point.

    One last note, even at $7.00, a purchase from JNC is less than what I've seen on average from most other online sites.

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    @paul-nebeling yeah, I mainly had audible on the mind when thinking of the monthly credit stuff, they have a system that only charges you once every 2 month for your credit. While you do make a valid point in just downgrading, I actually don't actually utilize the ongoing translation stuff, so at that point I would probably just unsub completely.

    I'm basically just subbing just to get a bit of money off each LN purchase with no drm at this point, which I guess would be more of a byproduct than their sole intention. So I guess I'll just buy the volumes once they're done and at my own pace. Seems like I just imprinted audible's system and transferred my habits without even thinking about it.

    It still might be worth mentioning out loud anyways, even if it's a bit convoluted. Data from a dummy is still data in the end, lol. And it's not like I'm complaining either, it was just one of those "oh, why don't they do-yaddayadda" things and then the answer is just "oh well, credits is just a perk, ongoing translations is the business" which totally flew over my head for a hot minute. But yeah, thank you and @paulnamida for the reply.

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