Suggestion: Ability to lend Amazon purchases of first volumes

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    I'd first found out of JNC through some Amazon kindle purchases of smartphone to get my kids doing some reading after watching the anime. It was a fast slippery slope for sure as I ended up purchasing several series and have really enjoyed the fruits of the club's efforts. I've found that I'd really love to get some of my friends interested as well and noticed that (like so many other kindle titles) they don't seem to have the lend feature enabled. This got me thinking that enabling the lending feature on the first volumes might be a good idea. Though I know people can always download a sample of a book which is pretty nice as well, it's not quite the lead in that a full version of the first book would be. Really it doesn't seem that it would be much of a loss since anyone who wasn't interested in more after the first book probably wouldn't buy based on a sample either and it would be a way for owners to spread the influence of the club's work to friends on a "personal recommendation" kind of level.

    Anyhow, just a thought that I wanted to throw in the ring for folks to chime in on.

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