Monster Hunter World

  • It's here! I'll be inactive for the next few months :V

    I'm using my Twitter as a screenshot/video uploading hub to show my friends stuff, link for your interest.

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    Followed! x)

    How in depth is the character creator? I saw Swery (Deadly Premonition dude) made Diane from Twin Peaks.

  • nice, I also got my copy yesterday, goodbye real life xD

  • Damn I’m about to get it too.

  • @terrence said in Monster Hunter World:

    Followed! x)

    How in depth is the character creator? I saw Swery (Deadly Premonition dude) made Diane from Twin Peaks.

    To be honest, I kind of rushed through character creation to just get started. But I've seen people post some pretty amazing pictures. I do hear that the character models may look off during the in-game cutscenes or just running around, but mine looks fine /shrug.

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    I got Monster Hunter World as a present recently. Starting it up now. I'm playing as Uka from Inari Kon Kon (I'll probably make a new character when something catches my interest). =]

  • lol it’s addicting fun. My favorite weapons are the dual blades crafted myself the endgame ones too and got them to white sharpness.

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    I might need some help with the hunting horn controls.

    So there's two things I want to be able to do consistently:

    1. I want to play the blue note on the Metal bagpipe that has you swinging backwards away from the monster. This is one of the best mobility moves in previous games.

    2. I want to play the short red note with the bagpipe. In previous games, this note was on the "Start" button.

    That's all for now, but I might have further questions later. Maybe I gotta change back to movement = camera position, not player position or whatever. Idk.

  • Unfortunately, the only weapons I really know are hammer, dual blades, and charge blade. So can't really offer any help :x

  • @myskaros I only like the hammer cuz I can just go HAM with it since it’s a level 8 one. As for dual blades I have 2 level 8 but my favorite is the Fire and Ice one. I just love the blast dmg.

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    I always liked Hunting Horn. In Mon Hun Tri, it was fun to duo Super Brachi with a Hunting Horn player + Hammer player (of course, extremely easy with a bow / long range player).

    Hunting Horn, Evasion +2. Fun times!

    Some people love Evade Extender, but that always put me in danger.

  • For those at high rank on PS4, or close to it (HR11), the Horizon Zero Dawn collab quest just launched today. Fight a giant Anjanath for special event tickets! You'll need 9 tickets total to make Aloy's bow, its upgrade, and the full set armor that turns you into Aloy.

    Also, if anyone needs help or just wants company hunting monsters, my PSN is Myskaros and I am HR77ish, I'd be happy to help anyone with grinding monsters or if they're having trouble on any assigned quests or whatnot. I'm on PST (GMT-8), I am usually available in the evenings and on weekends.

  • @myskaros yeah, but my build is built upon white sharpness, just can’t get that damn sharpness jewel. As for the event armor I got it already. I hope they plan on adding more since they added the new “armor set” tab that I don’t recall seeing before today.

  • Deviljho major content update coming March 22 - all MH content updates are free

    • New (well, ported from the old games) monster Deviljho comes with new weapons for all types, armor, Palico gear.
    • New seasonal event Spring Blossom from April 5-18.
    • Megaman collab from April 13-27 for the 8-bit Megaman Palico costume.
    • Fan design weapon Wyvern Ignition (Greatblade) event starts April 5.
    • Balance adjustments for all weapons except both Light and Heavy Bowguns.
    • New free DLC: single-use character redesign ticket; more tickets can be purchased in the future as paid DLC.