What were the First Anime/Manga/LN you have watched/Read Knowing what they were.

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    Well if you want you can tell us the first Anime/Manga/LN you Watched/Read without knowing like say Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Sailor Moon, Slayers, and Inuyasha was for me.

    Spice and Wolf
    The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
    Steins Gate
    Code Geas
    Ranma 1/2
    Legend of Legendary Heroes
    Kaze no Stigma
    haiyore nyaruko-san
    Girls Bravo
    The Garden of Sinners
    Death Note
    Vampire Princess Miyu

    Cardcaptor Sakura
    Ancient Magus Bride
    Pandora Hearts

    Spice and Wolf
    Haruhi Suzumiya
    A Certain Magical Index
    Log Horizon
    Accel World

  • DBZ when I was like 4-5 not sure if it was like 1999-2000 but it had to be before 2001 cuz remember my flight being delayed a week cuz of 9/11 and it was my first time coming to the USA. I might just be confused tho lol. But back then I didn’t consider or know dbz was categorized as an anime. What I did know and was the door that led me to the world of anime was Inuyasha and that was like in 4th grade I remember waking up at like 1-2 am just to watch it in adult swim. I got curious since adult swim didn’t have all the episodes and it led me to searching it up online and thus a new world was discover for me. Oh yeah I was a weird kid.... What 9-10 year old wakes up at 1-2 am just to watch a show. Also fun fact dbz was airing on TV dubbed in Spanish in Ecuador 1999-2000 not sure what year since I really can’t remember much. For all I know I could just be super confused right now.
    As for LN my first LN was Heavy Object I think or Overlord either one of those too.
    For manga my first manga was... I can’t rememb.... Oh it was Tokyo Ghoul (Kushu) in 2013 when I was a JR in high school.

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    Either Attack on Titan or Fullmetal Alchemist. Watched AoT on Crunchyroll I think and FMA on Netflix. I didn't watch anime before college (just never on my radar, and the whole "Kamehameha" powers stuff from Shounen shows just didn't interest me).

    What was out first, AoT or Sword Art Online? Because I watched that when it was airing on YouTube (I think they were official broadcasts too, can't remember the channel name but it was a company).

    The first light novel I read? Probably Devil Is a Part Timer volume 3? Idk. That, Shield Hero, and maybe Baccano were all gotten in quick succession.

    I read some of AoT after watching the show. First manga I bought may be Nozaki-Kun volume 2 I think, so nothing too old, but I rented a few library works before that. I'm not a huge manga fan; there's just a lot of junk out there (shudders at that Aono-kun ghost manga I suffered through). Some are too talky (UQ Holder's first volume is dense), others not talky enough (Blame!). xD

  • @terrence I’m the opposite I use to be a huge anime fan and nobody knew about this until I was a JR in high school when AoT became massive and everyone was talking about it. People started asking me for recommendations since they noticed I knew a lot about it and told a few friends about other series they might get interested in and it spread like a wild fire lol. I was the kind of guy that got along with almost everyone in school whether it was the labeled losers or the popular groups. People seemed to like my recommendations so people didn’t really ask how I knew so much. As for LNs I like them more than manga just because of how much more detail there is. Don’t get me wrong tho AoT manga is a master piece and so is BHA (Hero academia) . Those authors know what they are doing 👍.

  • Anime: Naruto
    Manga: Naruto
    Light novel: Can't really recall. No Game No Life made me start buying them, but the first ones I read (since NGNL wasn't released yet) were A Certain Magical Index and SAO.

    Saw some anime before I knew what they were, too.
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, Sonic X, Oban Star-Racers, Pokemon(Indigo League and the first 3 movies).

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    Uh, as a kid in the 80s there were things like Robotech, Star Blazers, Astroboy etc before I knew what anime or manga was.

    By the time Sailor Moon & Cardcaptor Sakura were on TV in the 90s I knew they were Japanese cartoons, though I don't know if the term anime itself came up then or not. Tekkaman Blade was on morning TV along with the two girly shows but yeah I watched all of it pretty much cause what else are you going to do before school back then? Homework? Yeah, nar. Dragon Ball Z started airing a little later than that from memory, either end of high school or when I was already working.

    I think the first anime I remember going out of my way to watch rather than just passively watch because it was on the TV in front of me was Neon Genesis Evangelion on some Aussie variant of Adult Swim. Cowboy Bebop was on at the same time but I never got into it for some reason.

    First manga was probably all of Dragon Ball to see what the original story was (the Dragon Ball anime almost never aired where I live, just Z over & over - though one of my mates remembers seeing original DB as a kid)

    First light novel was Full Metal Panic! because I ran into a fanfic that had a blend of it, Ranma 1/2, and Oh My Goddess! along with a bunch of original characters. Most of the plot of that fic was FMP! universe based from the start of the series where both Ranma & OMG! elements were set post-manga with the characters all grown up and having kids the same age as Sousuke & Kaname.

    I might be showing my age here, but I doubt I'm the oldest one here all the same.

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    First Anime was either Sailor Moon or Dragonball
    First Manga was probably Ranma but not too sure I pretty much devoured any manga fan translation I found. Could also be Love Hina, Chobits or Tokyo Crazy Paradise.
    First Light Novel would be Zero no Tsukaima.

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    Anime: Dragon Ball.
    Manga: Oh My Goddess, I think.
    Light Novel: SAO.

    The latter two after like 10 years without watching anime.

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    Thats a hard think to ask. When I was a kid there where so many animation series altogether, which by the time I didn't know were anime. Like Ai no Wakakusa Monogatari (official english title: Tales of little women) or cyborg 009 (series from 1979), knowingly watching anime would be these four but I can't remember in which order I watched them. God bless the anime late night program at 12 PM ;D


    • Armitage III
    • Akira
    • City Hunter
    • Neon Genesis Evangelion

    For Mangas I'll list them as the first language I read them in (physically)

    • Dragonball (native)
    • D-Frag (english)
    • Boku Girl (japanese)

    I absolutly can't rember wich novel I started first. But the First I finished was Kizumonogatari several years ago.

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    First anime (that I knew it was an anime):

    Sword Art Online

    First Manga:


    First LN:

    Spice & Wolf

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    First anime? Neon Genesis Evangelion. I downloaded the VHS rips as 30 megabyte files from these crappy online hosting sites that had like 4 max downloaders per account at like 4 kbps. It took forever to actually watch the whole thing.

    First light novel? Probably a fan translation of Haruhi. I really liked the first season and gobbled up the novels. Too bad the series became a convoluted mess later on.

    Can't tell you what the first manga I read was. Berserk? Naruto? Maybe Love Hina, not really sure. I've never been into manga.

  • Hmm I remember myself being an extremely horny kid and loved yuri shows lol that was after Inuyasha I forgot the name of the anime since it was so long ago. But I remember I would only watch yuri/drama/romance anime. Now I am so nit picky about what I watch. I hate anime with exaggerated female body proportion now. I mean there are a few exceptions like prison school and another few.

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    Manga is easy, still have them flying around. Appleseed from Masamume Shirow then Dominion likewise from him. Those were still mirrored releases, interesting as nowadays no one bothers anymore. Then it should have been Blame! (which I really like: even though I have all 10 Volumes I am still buying the new Master Editions)

    Anime. Hmm hard to remember to be true.
    First VHS I bought was Bubblegum Crisis, Plastic Little. Armitage III. First DVD was Zeiram the Animation, Neon Genesis Evangelion and X-1999. For those I don't know the particular sequence. Although I believe that NGE was first.

    First LN. Should be "Chrome Shelled Regios". Atleast this was the first one I made an epub of. What was it then.... I believe either Haruhi Suzumiya or Madan no Ou to Vanadis. Although I am not sure if I got before this the physical release of "Parasite Eve" or not. Question would be if I include "Battle Royale" as it certainly is not an LN (more a normal Novel) or not. This would then be the second physical Novel I bought and read.

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    The first anime I watched knowing it was an anime was either Detective Conan or Pokemon for TV series, and Spirited Away (that's the English title for the Ghibli anime with Chihiro, right?) for movies.

    The first I watched unknowingly should be one of Heidi, Vickie the Viking or Maja the Bee (which aired on state television).

    First manga is again Detective Conan.

    First light novel I read knowingly would be Index, though I think I've read a part of Kino's journey first volume back in the day.

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    Don't remember my first actual anime/manga while knowing what they were as it's been more than 15 years probably. My first Light Novel though would be The World God Only Knows side volumes which were an additional 4 conquests.

  • I guess it was Card Captor Sakura and Inuyasha for me. Prior that I didn't even know series like DBZ, Sailor Moon, Saint Seiya and Captain Tsubasa were Japanese. But I didn't start actively watching anime (as in outside of what was shown on TV) until around 2007, when I first watched Death Note through a friend's recommendation. Haven't left ever since xD. For light novels, it was very little later, after watching the Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi (on 2008) I just couldn't help myself, I needed to know what was going to happen next and stumbled onto the novels. By then I had already started reading manga after catching up with Naruto, Bleach and One Piece's anime adaptations.

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    My turn.

    Anime: Akira
    Light Novel: Sword Art Online
    Manga: I don't do manga

    Now of you want to include from before I knew what anime was, I'll toss out an obscure series called Prince Planet.

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    First anime: Tenchi Muyo! Or outlaw star
    First manga: InuYasha
    First Light Novel: Oreimo

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    @jack-tamaki said in What were the First Anime/Manga/LN you have watched/Read Knowing what they were.:

    First anime: Tenchi Muyo!

    Are you going to be getting the Tenchi Muyo Light Novels? (I think Seven Seas is publishing)

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    @terrence Honestly I don't know yet. After reading your post, I looked it up and did see that they are going to release it both in print and digital so it would be easier on the wallet with the other light novels I'm getting but I got a huge back log of books that I need to finish still lol XD

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