Sagrada Reset (aka Sakurada Reset)

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    Well, now that both Kadokawa and less light-novely LNs are an option, I thought I might request this one.

    alt text

    Author: Yutaka Kōno
    Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten/Sneaker Bunko
    Status: Complete

    The short plot summary from Wikipedia reads:

    The story is set in Sakurada (咲良田), a town where everyone possesses special abilities. The protagonist is Kei Asai, a boy with eidetic memory. Upon Sumire Soma's urging, Kei meets Misora Haruki, a quiet, withdrawn girl who can reset the world up to three days in the past. Thanks to his ability, Kei can remember the time Misora has reset, and thus Sumire suggests that Kei becomes the companion of Haruki to help her use her abilities for good leading to them becoming part of the Service Club—a club that accomplishes tasks given to them. The Service Club then becomes involved with the Administration Bureau, an organization that monitors all special abilities in Sakurada and orchestrates events in Sakurada according to their directives, utilizing the 'Witch' at their disposal. Unknown to the Service Club, their involvement with the Bureau puts them into a larger chain of events that only the Witch knows.

    The genre would be Fantasy/Sci-Fi. While this together with the description might evoke the image of a supernatural high-school battle harem series, nothing could be further from the truth. At its core, the series is grounded in philosophical dilemmas, and conflicts are mostly solved with the mind, not with muscles.

    It also got an anime adaption in 2017, infamous for a) apparently having really bad English subtitles and b) being produced by David Production but not being JoJo Part 5.


  • This is one of the best stories to come out of light novels IMO. The author writes a compelling story with a really good storytelling, intervowen with philosophical thought experiments that don't feel a single bit pretentious. It feels nothing like most light novels. I made a request for another one of the author's works before.

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    Complete automatically gets my up-vote.

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    I'm enjoying the anime - would love to read the ln's

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    I'd definitely be interested to read this, but I dunno if I'd buy premium or not till I actually read it.

  • The anime adaptation of this was probably my favorite show the year it aired and as always reading the original is something I would definitely like to do.

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    sounds like an interesting premise. Can anyone give an example or two of the philosophical dilemmas it presents?