Why is it that physics always seems the same?

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    So this idea came to mind a while ago, but is there any series about a human who gets summoned to a world where things like gravity and density are scaled down from our own planets? In fact, couldn’t that be pretty much a ton of series?

    Like with Smartphone, the God of Worlds reincarnated Touya to be stronger, faster and smarter than he was on Earth, throwing in the ability to use magic as a bonus.

    Well what if God didn’t realize that the conditions between Earth and Earth (WHY WOULD THEY NAME THE ELEMENT ‘EARTH’ OTHERWISE?!?!) were different? That would explain why when God said that he would give Touya a small boost to his abilities, he ended up far more powerful than was intended. And how was Touya supposed to know that Gravity was less extreme on this other Earth? God gave him super powers so he probably thought that the old man’s definition of ‘little’ was a bit off.

    A bit of spoilers for those who haven’t read the series, but it was also later confirmed in story that Touya is (after having been summoned by God) now a fledgling God himself. This would bolster the thought in Touya’s mind as well as probably give him the belief that he is much more OP than he first thought.

    What does this mean for the Phrase then because Touya has proven that he can beat the tract out of an army of the littler brackets. Do they also have a different version of gravity on their home planet? They supposedly suck up magic from the surrounding area as their means of hardening their bodies anyways, so it’s possible that gravity is actually even lower in their original dimension...

    But then we come to the Manta Phrase... How could something that doesn’t have propellers or flap it’s wings actually fly unless gravity on the Earth Touya ended up on which I will now be calling Vearth because freaking magic makes NGDS. So that obviously means that the Phrase come from a reality with higher gravity right? Otherwise how could it levitate?
    How does anything really do on Vearth anyways? That’s a drop of water in an ocean my friends. I am more curious on if there might actually be multiple species of Phrase from all sorts of different conditions. Some could be from planets of high water content or high volcanic activity! We don’t know everything about them besides they are crystalline, have no reservations against killing in pursuit of their goal, have the ability to absorb magic where as that means that their original reality must have been freaking dense with the stuff, they have a serial stalker who wants to find, destroy or control whatever the Sovereign Core is, and they are simultaneously creepy as hell and awesome as ply.

    The point of this whole thing is that there are so many wonderful ideas for how to put a spin on the isekai genre, so why do we always come back to worlds that are similar in most but various in some?

    On a side note, the way most series has a different measuring system is definitely a step in the right direction. Vearth doesn’t even have a concept of grams, but there are series that could go a bit farther than just changing the names of units...