When it says "book Publishing AVAILABLE NOW!" but you can not download the book

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    for How not to Summon a Demon Lord Vol 2 it says in the releases that the E-book is available (Feb 18th 5:00 pm PST) but when I go to the library it says "Download available Feb 19th, 2018" aka tomorrow. I have experienced similar problems when JNC first started where it was either not consistent or was pushed back. I have not experienced this problem (or have not noticed it) because I usually bulk but it is a problem when JNC is not consistent with itself.

  • @drone205 it has been stated before that the premium books can’t cone out the same time as the regular ebooks.

    It was also briefly addres on curious cat by the JNC founder.


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    @rahul-balaggan I clicked the link. I am still a bit confused. is it that the premiums are released by timezone and when it says the "Available Now" is when it becomes available for a certain timezone and rolls to the next every hour? or is it that it gets manually added sometime after the "Available Now?" I do not know HTML but I am learning coding so if the second is true I am sure there is some way to make it so it is locked behind a certain time (which would explain if it is locked behind a Timezone time).

  • @drone205 the “available now” for the coming soon section refers to other ebook platforms such as kindle and nook, when you look at the latest e-books section in the center screen that will help inform when the premium becomes available.

    Also they manually get added, there is a time zone release function but they still have to be manually uploaded.