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    While watching Anime PVs I came across this:

    DanMachi is getting a movie and a 2nd season! The Movie is obviously an original story but how far do you guys think the 2nd season will go and how much do you think will be cut out or left in? I think the 2nd season will adapt Vol 6-8, Vol 6 about as long as vol 5 but Vol 7 and 8 are like double that length so they could be counted as equivalent to 2 books each. Since S1 adapted Vol 1-5 (quite poorly mind you) this seems likely, if they make it a 2 cour season than I see up to Vol 10 or 11(I hear Vol 11 is more of a conclusion than vol 10). if it is a 12-13 ep season and they do plan to continue to adopt more than I do see Vol 9-11 being adapted as S3. Is this yet another sign of the old ways of 1 Season anime trend being replaced with a new Season every 1-2 yrs Trend? we have OverLord, Index and others returning and we have series like AoT, Food Wars, and HeroAca getting Seasonal releases.

    Edit: Also what do you think about Bells own version of the 12 Labours? the Minotaur fight is most definitely one with the SilverBack fight possibly being the first and minotaur second.

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    @drone205 I also think that they would only adapt volumes 6-8 if its one cour. Like you said if you put 1-5 together and compare their page count with 6-8 its about 4/5 of 1-5. Putting in more volumes would be stupid because vol. 9-11 are a single story arc (unless they want to make a dick move with the cliffhanger to get more book sales).

    As for 12 labours where is Bell dealing with penance? Thats only gonna happen in vol. 11or later, maybe. I wouldn't associate his trials with the labours unless he would need to redeem himself.

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    @qeeh I think what he accomplishes that lets him Level up could be considered a Labour. I said the SilverBack fight as a possible example but that was a very loose example. The Minotaur fight I find is a more strong example. The Labours are supposed to be feats that seem impossible right like a Level 1 killing a Minotaur on his own (and a trained one at that) or his Familia defeating the Appolo Familia when they are heavily outnumbered.

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    @drone205 Okay from that POV I would clearly count the Minotaur as his greatest solo challange. Followed by the rescue of his mates to the underresort in vol. 5 and the Silverback. Thou I wouldn't count the irregular in vol 5 as it was a team effort.

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    @qeeh from my example of the Level ups as the labours, The Minotaur fight in Vol 3 and the War Games in Vol6 would be Labours. I would not exactly count the irregular too, and the Silverback is kinda meh when it comes to labours (he cheats by destroying the stone in its body).

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    @drone205 I really didn't like it that Bell got a level up from the war games. Thou it is said that an adventurer needs to clear a high hurdle to level up getting it via an event that had rules (no kill, just penalty) and only involved fights between fellow adventurers.

    So there would be no point in going to the dungeon. Just dump adventurers in an arena and let them brawl until one is knocked out and get some easy level ups with enough fights (without danger expect for some broken bones or an accidential kill). Also the fight with Hyakinthos was not that onesided, due to the fact that Bell had tremendously higher stats than an average level 2 adventurer. So the gap was not as big (clearly Hyakinthos was stronger thou).

    Well you see that volume clearly bugged me a little :D

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    @qeeh but think about it this way, How easy would it have been to win in the War Games? Apollo Familia heavily out-numbered the Hestia Familia. The odds were stacked against Bell in almost every way. and do not forget the climactic fight it was a lv 2 Vs a lv 3, sure Bell had high stats but he was fighting a human with more experience than him, not a mindless monster. It does not have to be life or death for it to be a labour, I did a quick google search and it seems one of Hercules labours was to clean an entire stable in one day (that is hardly life or death). The Stakes were high even if Bells life was not on the line, The Family he has built is on the line.

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    @drone205 well outnumbered dosen't mean anything if you got 1 lvl 4 that can aoe away all level 1 enemies. Also crozzo magic weapons could have done that if used in a more offensive way. Thou I think it was much at stake, I think the risk of losing wasn't so high if you consider argonauts power boost.


    This is btw off-topic but I think the leveling up outside the dungeon via adventurer fights was not well thought out. Seeing that adventurers get longer life spans from level ups and having the chance to level in a safe environment should bring forth more level 3 plus adventurers but the novel stated that there aren't so many. Also if you consider the familia of Ares having so many low level "adventureres" why won't they just train away to get powerd up and try to crush Orario with mass produced level 3 or 4 soldiers (okay Ares is just dump and training wouldn't probably be as fruitful as dungeon exploring and clearing boss level monsters but nontheless that would make much more sense then engaging in stupid wars with a predictable outcome).

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    @qeeh we are basically told in Vol three that to level up you need to go on an adventure and in practice, this usually means fighting a strong monster like the minotaur or with Ais when she killed the Monster Rex on her own. I do not think training in a safe environment would count towards level ups ( if a level 1 were to fight a level 2 or 3 in a serious battle I do think it would count toward the level). The War Games was not safe and loss had some serious consequences. and I just realized that every feat he accomplished that allowed him to level up, he did not use his Argonaut skill.

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    Seeing as Danmachi is now more recognized than previously, I would imagine they could take things a bit slower and adapt until the end of volume 8. The first season went up until volume 5 and was terribly rushed, so I hope this to be true.

    Starting with the super exciting Familia war game in volume 6, following up with the intense and world expanding pleasure quarter story in volume 7, and finishing off with the one of the best short story volumes I've ever read, volume 8, that focuses on the (pitiful) Orario invasion. I think that would wrap things up nicely.

    However, they could also be scumbags and hastily adapt the Xenos duo in volume 9 and 10 which would really stretch out the material. I sincerely hope they don't do this because it would be a terrible disservice to the writing. Either they cut back on the action of vol 6 & 7 or cut back on the character development, neither of which I would enjoy.

    Yet in the end, I'm super happy that Danmachi is popular enough to receive the much coveted second season alongside Overlord. Two of my favorite LN's are getting recognition, now we just need Mushoku Tensei along with Second seasons for Spice & wolf and The Devil is a part timer.

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    @siphonario said in New DanMachi Anime:

    Second seasons for Spice & wolf

    Third season; Spice & Wolf already had 2 seasons.

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    I know that Vol 6-8 is about the same length as vol 1-5 but I just can't see how they would adapt it in 13 eps. though Vol 8 can be the volume they skim down on to the bare essencials. I see Vol 6 - 4 eps, vol 7 - 5 eps, vol 8 - 4 eps.

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    @qeeh @Drone205
    There was a point where it was stated that you could fill up on xp all you want but until you did something massive that tested your soul to the breaking point, something that would win the favor of the gods, you would never level.
    So sitting in a safe arena, dueling against others without risk of death might work for raising your stats it will never count as a great feat for gaining a level.
    Bell truly was risking everything he had to save his Familia and the home he had gained for himself from someone who wanted to destroy it on a whim, for amusement.
    Think of how hard you would fight to save the single most important thing you had if someone else wanted to destroy it for laughs.
    Plus, Orario (i know, spelling) forced Ares to give up almost every single soldier that he brought in the invasion force. Why? To deny him the high class Falna they had gained facing against some of the top Familias of the city. So people know you can stat raise vs other people, but it seems to be like martial arts training in reality.
    If you do not face opponents who are strong, you will gain nothing, and can even loose the honed edge of skill.

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