Library layout issue

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    Can we have the forward/back a page buttons at both the top and the bottom of the page? See attached screenshot with highlighting to show what I mean.

    It's pretty annoying to have to scroll up every time to click to the next page when looking for a specific volume & it should be pretty simple to implement.

    Screenshot of Library

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    The site in general could use a new design, with a dark theme reader. But it's probably way down on their priority list.

  • JNC honestly has one of the most incomprehensible and user unfriendly designs I've ever seen. I already complained about it before, but not a whole lot has changed since then. It's really rather sad when a generic 90s Geocities/Angelfire fansite is probably easier/more intuitive to navigate than this mess.

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    I figure we keep making suggestions & eventually they might get around to it.

    The primary business is making the translations & selling through Amazon, iBooks etc,. The website, mobile apps, premium ePubs & credits system (and this forum for that matter) is like an add on for the hardcore enthusiasts, they don't really want to compete with Amazon et al so that's probably why not much effort goes into it. :(

  • @smashman42 Considering one of their membership plans revolves around prepubs only, you'd assume they'd want to make the prepubs experience fairly smooth. The app is pretty great, don't get me wrong, but not everyone wants to read on their phone (I don't own a tablet), so it's disappointing that when I want to use a big screen I have to jump through all these UX hoops.

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    I made a very similar complaint, except I said having an option of a list and a Grid would be nice. I do not like seeing the library and Titles as a list, I would rather see it in a Grid where each row contains 3-5 books (being able to change the scale would be nice for the grid). also being able to in the library sort your books into different groups you can set or have pre-set groups like "downloaded" and "not downloaded."

  • @drone205 Sure, that sounds good. It's <current year>! We should have all sorts of customizable options!