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    Hello, I found about this website yesterday and I'm trying to understand how it works before doing any decisions.

    My main issue now is that I was reading "How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord" and noticed that there's only one part of the first volume.

    My question is about the missings parts: Is it because I'm not a member yet or because they don't have it at all so I would need to buy it from somewhere else?

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    This site works with 2 separate business models:

    Model 1 is the subscription service, a Volume is broken down into several parts (8-12 parts) and then week by week those part are released for subscribers to read. After all parts have been uploaded the book is complied into an ebook and released on various platforms (kindle, nook, BookWalker, etc) once relased after a short time all the parts except part 1 are taken down from subscribers, that is the second business model the ebook publishing.

    So right now only part 1 of V1 of Demon Lord and part 1 of V2 are available for subscribers.

    You can purchase the ebooks on any platform, but if you want to read the latest stuff you have to subscribe.

    The JNC site also sells ebooks of their properties that are DRM free and contain high resolution images, highest of any ebook platform, it also contains premium content, which is different for different series, for Demon Lord in particular contains textless pictures and V2 has a bonus illustration.

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    There is also Series that are in a Catch-Up mode per month. every Month different series will be available in its entirety to subscribers. You are able to read these books for that month then they are locked again.

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    If you want to become a member, there 2 types of Membership

    Normal Member

    • You can read every pre-pub available
    • Premium Credit: $7
    • Monthly Fee: $4.95
    • Yearly Fee: $54 ($4.50/month)

    Premium Member

    • You can read all avalable pre-pub
    • Access to Premium Members Only Forum
    • Premium Credit: $6
    • Monthly Fee: $10.95
    • Yearly Fee: $120 ($10/month)
    • You get 1 free Premium Credit on the 15th of the month

    Premium Credits are used to buy Premium eBooks that are:

    • DRM-Free
    • Has High-Res Images compared to the Normal eBooks
    • Has various Premium Content depending on each volume (Ex. Text-less Illustrations, Bonus Illustrations, Short Stories, etc.)

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    Hm, thanks for explaining, I think it's how I was understanding it.

    So if I wanted to read this novel and subscribe to this website, I would basically need to pay for the subscription ($5) and the two books ($?), then I could read the prepub of the volume 3.

    I'm sorry but I'm not seeing the advantages of being a new member (:S) when I would need to pay for all the volumes first anyway...

    Different of other websites like crunchyroll and netflix that I subscribe (that provide subtitles on my native language and I don't need to pay to see all the seasons but the last one).

    Kinda kills the mood since I put a lot of expectations on it. My fault xD
    Guess I'll still need to wait local companies to translate and publish them on my country. :/

    But thanks Rahul (sorry, couldn't @ you since it went outside my screen... this website design is killing me). :)

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    Catch-up for this month is Dendrogram and Arifureta... Bit late in the month to truly catch-up though, but you could read a volume 1 to see if it is for you.

    I think there's a coupon code for a free two week trial to JNC. Anyone know it?

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    @paulo-0 said in About how this works:

    Hm, thanks for explaining, I think it's how I was understanding it.

    So if I wanted to read this novel and subscribe to this website, I would basically need to pay for the subscription ($5) and the two books ($?), then I could read the prepub of the volume 3.

    You could become a premium member, which effectively means you pay about 6 dollars more a month to be able to get 1 volume each month to own forever (DRM Free download).

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    It's understandable that you feel that way since most Normal Members here are only reading the pre-pubs that comes out each week or series in the Catch Up Month while some Premium Members are only after the Premium eBook so they only become a member for a month to buy in bulk.

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    @bartzbb Also using Math, if you want to buy books. if you buy an average of 5+ book credits per month than it is cheaper to go Premium and you can even add 1 more to the book credit since you get one per month. I would go Yearly for Premium cuz it is 5.50 per month average more than Normal Yearly while it is 6.00 more monthly and Credits are 6 dollars as Premium so you would be saving 0.50.

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    I read about the premium member, my issue is that $6 (converting to my local currency) is the price of a printed version from local companies (and translated to my language).

    So I would rather pay them (local) so they bring even more in the future. :/
    Maybe I found this website too early in their development, so they can't "handle" the business model like other companies or it's just that different for being a book.

    Yeah, I think this subscription would be more worth for me if I was just reading the pre-pubs, but I was looking for new LNs to start but it would be a little expensive for me (converting the currency + tax and not being able to use Paypal).

    Thanks for the help guys. ^-^

  • @paulo-0 said in About how this works:

    So if I wanted to read this novel and subscribe to this website, I would basically need to pay for the subscription ($5) and the two books ($?), then I could read the prepub of the volume 3.

    Old volumes stay available for a month or two before getting taken down. There's an expiration date on each part ("Prepub Expires" on the page) but that's actually broken and abandoned and the real dates are available on the respective (members-only) forum thread. Second volume of not demon lord is still fully available as you can see on the serie's page and it will stay there until April 15th.
    Normally, getting a premium sub, buying the first volume and reading the rest on the site would be the cheapest way to read all three asap, but right now you also have an option of using coupon and buying first volume via premium credits for $7 (or buying it on some other platform for $6.99 and getting DRM as a bonus).
    Note that the last part of 3rd volume comes out at April 16th and coupon won't last until then.

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    @drone205 @BartzBB
    Hm, didn't know about this "Catch-Up mode per month" (I didn't see the replies appearing above the others.. [kinda confusing :p], so I'm just reading it now).
    If they really let the subscribers read them all, it would a lot more interesting for me since I could start new ones and accumulate credits to buy an ebook. Is there a way to see the "premium credit" price for an eBook?

    (I still don't get why my and some other replies appear at the bottom while others in the middle of the topic... x.x)
    (Maybe some kind of desync or I didn't notice the post...)

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    @paulo-0 https://j-novel.club/faq

    Can I purchase additional premium credits?

    Yes! Premium Members can buy them for $6 each, and normal Members can get them for $7. You can purchase the credits by logging in to your account and choosing purchase credits from the menu, as long as you are currently a subscriber.

    The difference between a normal membership and a premium membership is $6, and you get 1 free credit per month, so you're essentially paying for 1 credit and gain the ability to buy more credits for a cheaper price than if you were a normal member. Credits do not expire, so some people pay for 1 month of premium and stock up on a bunch of cheaper credits in order to buy books later. Any e-book costs 1 credit.

    Premium e-books can only be purchased through JNC, buying the e-book through any other source is the normal e-book. You can see the bonuses that come with the premium e-books here.

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    Yes, I know about that. That method is the one I mean when Premium Members buying in bulk. As for me, I don't buy in bulk but buy Rokujouma using my monthly credit and read some pre-pubs as well. But sometimes I will also buy in bulk when I want to catch up on a series.

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    @paulo-0 In these forums under the topic post (The post you made to start this) you can find 4 tabs "Reply" "Mark unread" "Not Watching" "Sort by"

    for me, the important ones are the watching and Sort by. if you click the Sort by tab you will be able to change it to newest first, oldest first and most votes. you can change the not Watching tab into Watching to get Bell notifications, not Watching for it to appear in unread tap at the very top (looks like a file drawer, to the left of the clock), and ignore and you will not get any notifications and it will not appear in the unread tab. I don't use the Mark Unread but I assume it puts the post into the unread tab at the top. and Reply is well, to reply to the post.

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    All Premium eBook costs 1 Premium Credit.

    If you're a Normal Member they cost $7.
    If you're a Premium Member they cost $6.

    The Catch Up Series for this month are Infinite Dendrogram and Arifureta. Both have 5 volumes fully translated and the 6th volume of both series are currently being translated and released for pre-pubs each week.

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    Ah! Now I understood.
    Each eBook costs one credit.
    Members can buy one credit for $7.
    Premium members can buy one credit for $6 and get 1 free credit each month.
    Thanks for clearing up my confusion!

    I just need to get these expiration dates right since it says "Prepub Expires: 25 days ago"... so it already expired..?
    And I would probably miss arifureta (was thinking about starting it) because this month is almost ending :p

    And thanks guys for all the info. :)

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    Could you send me where I can use coupons?
    I saw something about a "springcatchup" one but I have no idea where I am supposed to try it (to see if it works and if it does, to actually use it...).

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    @paulo-0 said in About how this works:

    I just need to get these expiration dates right since it says "Prepub Expires: 25 days ago"... so it already expired..?

    Those expiration dates are wrong. How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord: Volume 2 will expire on April 15.

    To know when a volume's pre-pub expires you need to go to this thread. Unfortunately only Members can go to that thread.

    Here is a list of volumes that will expire on the month of April and May.

    Expiring April 15th:

    • How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord: Volume 2
    • Occultic;Nine: Volume 3
    • [New Life+] Young Again in Another World
    • Walking My Second Path in Life: Volume 2
    • Infinite Dendrogram: Volume 5
    • In Another World With My Smartphone: Volume 7
    • Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest: Volume 5

    Expiring May 15th:

    • The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar: Volume 1
    • Ao Oni: Vengeance (Volume 2)
    • I Saved Too Many Girls and Caused the Apocalypse: Volume 7
    • Demon King Daimaou: Volume 4
    • Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash: Volume 8
    • Me, a Genius? I Was Reborn into Another World and I Think They've Got the Wrong Idea! Volume 1
    • If It's for My Daughter, I'd Even Defeat a Demon Lord: Volume 4
    • The Faraway Paladin: Volume 4
    • Arifureta Zero: Volume 1

    I forgot to say this but Rokujouma's Volume 1-22 will never expire. Although only 1-11 and 23-28 are here in JNC. Each month 1 volume will be added for Rokujouma and the volume added last month will have an eBook.

    The reason Rokujouma is treated this way is because before it got licensed the fan translation was able to reach volume 22 and JNC hired the fan translator to continue the series. So as to not let the fans who read until volume 22 be disappointed when a long series that is has a fan translation almost caught he promised to never remove the pre-pubs for volumes 1-22. As for volumes that 12-22 that are currently not in JNC it is still possible to read the fan translations as they will be removed 1 vole a month as well.

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    Do you know if there is there any j-novel.club discord?
    Saw a topic about the founder creating one but it was one year ago...

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