Question regarding premium eBook updates

  • I have a question regarding the handling of premium eBook updates. Are there any notifications or announcements in such a case? I think this is a rather rare occurrence, so this is not realy a pressing matter, but if bought the (non premium) ebook via Amazon, I get the new version via whispersync. But if I get the premium one here, how will I be informed that there is a new version available? In general I do not frequent the forum, so if they are only announced here I will miss them completely.

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    @helge-könig There isn't anything official for updating people.

    If there's a really significant update I actually will email everyone who owns the book about it (I did that once when I added some extra bonus content).

    Generally though like for typo fixes and stuff I just updated the master file, and if you redownload it you get the new one.

    One of the (many) improvements to the site I have on my to-do list is for your my library to show like a "last updated" date or something, or maybe have a better curated changelog.

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