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    It would be nice if the premium content, Illust, short stories, etc..., were listed in the novels title page. I know there is a forum post regarding the content, but it seems to be infrequently updated (The main listing, at least). And when I`ve browsed through it, most of the consumers are the one answering questions regarding what the premium content is for which title.

    Another worthy mention is when going to "Premium", then as it brings you to the "Redeem" a credit page, there's also no mention whether the specific volume has any bonus content or not.

    P.S. "Purchase Credits Ala Cart here or become a Premium Member and get a free credit right now!" on Redeem Credit page could do with being edited while being logged in to an account which is premium.

    Thank you kindly.

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    Yeah, it has been asked many times already to list the premium content on the volume page.

    But I also like your idea about listing it in the redeem page, that hasn't been asked yet as far as I've seen!

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