Do you want to try read an Chinese Novels

  • you have experience to read an chinese novels

  • Yeah. Finding legal options for supporting the official releases for these chinese novels is tough. I bought an revised edition of Martial God Asura off amazon a while ago. But mostly I've been using novel updates to watch for stuff to keep up on.

    I've been aware that Gay romance writers had been arrested for describing gay sex. And I am always worried about whether I can make things easier for them as a westerner to support their works financially.

    Due to how these titles are paced, I'm not expecting any titles to hop of Qidian and land in J-novel club. But I'll be very surprised.

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    It's super easy to find a way to support the official release, though. The largest publisher in China, Qidian, has an English website with a ridiculously huge number of webnovel series (and just started with manhua):

    Some are free, some they charge for chapters. Translation quality varies from terrible to good, because the model they use seems to be some sort of strange system where third-party translation companies post their work unsolicited in a sort of bizzaro inverse outsourcing, and then Qidian picks popular ones to start charging for chapters.

    A good series to read on there (and one of their most popular ones), which I know a bunch of people in the JNC community already read, is Release That Witch:

  • @guspaz
    Thank you for the emotional support. :)

    I'll give that Release That Witch series a try. I'll admit that I've heard of the service, but I didn't give it a try. Cheers.

  • I'd love to see more chinese novels get licensed by companies in the future. There are some pretty cool ones out there.

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    I started reading a Chinese webnovel on but I dropped it after I realized that I spent 45 dollars on it.

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    I’d love to read Chinese “light novels” or the equivalent. I just don’t know if there is a legal/official way to do so. And I haven’t had a particular series recommendation that I found compelling enough to use webnovel dot com. From what I can tell they’ll host fan translation, plagiarism, stolen or pirated content, and original stories posted by the author without disclosing what is what (like you tube ten years ago)

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    Ah this post brings me back to when the forums got overrun by Chinese free accounts that could barely speak English and spammed threads with hundreds if not thousands of replies about Chinese web novels. Good times :)

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