Proofreading for Membership?

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    Just as the title suggests, I was thinking of helping out with typo's and grammatical errors for a while in order to trade that for a membership.

    Since I am not in possession of a credit card and you don't have a system in place for paypal, I figured asking nicely about such an option may let me help out a bit, while beeing able to enjoy reading my fill at the same time.

    I never really proofread or edited in an official fashion but I kept seeing the lone typo or error in the kindle book's I have read until now to atleast feel confident about asking for a fair assessment of my qualities.

    It might also be an interesting model to help give reader's motivation for posting typo's, hence I'm posting this here instead of going by mail.

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    @yorozuya It's a neat suggestion, however I feel like that would require too much additional moderation from the J-Novel staff to be a viable option. You`d be asking the staff to look into each user and determine whether they're keeping up their end of the bargain, essentially for free too. They have wages that need to be paid.

    Another thing: how would you determine what's fair? Noticing five errors? Twenty? And if you have multiple people going for such an option, that leaves little room for each individual to contribute.

    P.S. A fair amount of users do this for free - Myself included.

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    Like, I've definitely considered a typo bounty.

    But like, it would need to be something like ~50 errors a credit and then we would get into arguments over what constitutes an "error", etc. Usually our final QA passes catch 50+ errors per volume (even after applying fixes from helpful forum members).

    And like, the thing is: Would it save me money? Not really, since I'd still pay for two full QAs regardless.

    Maybe a more effective thing would be to like, award 1 credit to whoever finds the most typos in a month. That limits our liability and would add in a sense of competition.

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    If you want more typos reporting then the number one thing to do is allow reporting straight from the app.

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