Premium membership advantages?

  • I am currently considering registering for a premium membership but I am getting a bit confused about its advantages. Most notably it states that "Premium Members have all the benefits of normal members, plus they get a credit for a free Premium E-book once every month, which saves you 20% off buying normal e-books retail!". While I'm okay with getting only one token per month to get a light novel, I quite don't understand how 10$ is saving me 20% off e-book retail when most of those I checked out are sold at around 6-8$ on every digital publisher platform... or maybe I'm missing something.

  • @mereck the standard JNC ebook price in the wild is $7 and here regular members can buy credits at a rate of $7, however premium members get 1 free credit a month (on the 15th) and they only have to pay $6 for every additional credit.

    The cheapest Yen Press Novels go for $8, so JNC is already cheaper at $7 and if you are a premium member it gets even cheaper at $6 each.

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    I don't know the average price of an ebook but I generally spend my credit on a premium ebook with bonuses like short stories that one can't get from the standard retail sources. As these are only available directly through JNC the primary cost comparison is the normal cost of premium credits.

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    well, the Premium Membership is like $5.50(year) or $6.00(monthly) more than a normal membership. So you get all the advantages of a normal membership and you are basically paying a full premium cost credit per month or $0.50 less per month for credit per month and get a free credit when you go yearly premium (I don't know about monthly). You also get bonus content not available at anywhere else.

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    @rahul-balaggan said in Premium membership advantages?:

    @mereck however premium members get 1 free credit a month

    I'm absolutely not trying to nitpick your post, it's right that you can see the subscription as your cost and the Ebook as an extra free reward, but to me I see the book as included in the cost.

    Essentially, you're paying 6 dollars more a month than a regular member to receive that premium Ebook (10.95 vs 4.95). There's no other benefits besides some forum access, right? And I don't think there's much forum stuff of late locked behind the premium member forums.

    It just kind of reminds me of people who nitpick the "Free Games" from PSN Plus... Which is what PlayStation label it as, but yeah, you're still paying for that service.

  • @terrence you’re right there isn’t much else, however for people who buy a lot (like me) then having that $1 less per ebook adds up to a lot, like a significant amount.

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    @rahul-balaggan yeah, The Premium really gets worth it when you buy 5+ book in a month.

    @Terrence Though if you plan on getting the E-books than I think the premium is better regardless since you would need to pay $7 to get a book while you are paying an extra $6 (or $5.50) to get a credit per month. That credit is a benefit.

  • @drone205 IMO, if you already want the access to the weekly prepubs and you buy at least 1 book per month, you are already benefitting from the premium.

    You'd be paying 4.95 for the prepubs, and a book would be 7, totalling 11.95/month. In that case just get a premium membership, you get the same for 10.95. The 5+ books would be in case you are not interested in the pre-pubs.

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    Man, I couldn't live without my Infinite Dendro prepubs. :) I'm so not looking forward to this volume ending, as we are now caught up with Japan.

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    Monthly cost difference between regular and premium memberships is the discounted cost of one credit. If you buy just one volume per month, premium is worth it. Buy more and you save more.

    I'm going to have to buy extra credits just to stay current for the near future.

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    I just bought a year of regular membership during the sale back in November for like $35, I mainly read prepubs, and I buy premium credits (usually no more than 1 or 2 a month) for the series I fall behind on. It works out for me, and honestly I have no desire to upgrade to premium (and I would be forced to pay $90+ all at once since I can’t go from annual regular to monthly premium, I would HAVE to buy a year’s worth of premium). That’s just me though :P

  • Thanks everyone for your output but it's still kinda confusing to me and I feel like the website would really benefits from a UX makeover (some pages have some placeholders which is not really looking professional, at best, and having to dig up those informations is not exactly great).
    So correct me if I'm wrong, but, excluding bonuses, I have to pay either 5$ per month + 7$ per book to get them from here, or 11$ per month + 6$ per book (with one being free per month)?

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    @mereck said in Premium membership advantages?:

    So correct me if I'm wrong, but, excluding bonuses, I have to pay either 5$ per month + 7$ per book to get them from here, or 11$ per month + 6$ per book (with one being free per month)?

    I believe you are correct.

    If you just want to buy the epub books and don't care about the weekly reading on the site, there is kind of an unofficial third option, in which you can sign up for one of those memberships buy a bunch of credits for books at the given rate, and then let your membership expire and just redeem credits when a book comes out that you want. I think it's becomes a little trickier to actually find the purchasing page once you're membership expires, so you might want to look for advice from someone who takes that strategy if that's what you want.

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    @mereck Most of the info we’ll tell you is already available on the FAQ page, other than that prepubs expire for volumes on the 15th of the month after their ebook comes out (though if the ebook comes out after the 15th of the month, the prepubs won’t expire until the month after the next).
    I believe you’ll be given access to a bonus premium immediately after you sign up for the first time as a premium member too.

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