@0-0-mjdk7af said in Trinity Blood (light novels): So if you are a fan or interested in it, please consider just to sign in for the vote. I did it too with a spare mail account. Let us all try to make it happen and do our best. It's really not much. A few clicks and maybe it will happen! If you really want it to happen, then you should be buying JNC's other titles which are older such as Full Metal Panic!, Crest of the Stars, Orphen, and Slayers. As I understand it, the biggest impediment to license rescues like this is that older series have typically not been very profitable for JNC, and if their sales don't improve, there may not be any more. So, by all means, show your interest in this particular series by voting for it, but as a group, we need to be voting with our wallets and buying the older series that JNC has already licensed in order for JNC to think that it's reasonable to license more.