Volume 9 - Part 4: [Generic Issue] Same as part 2. Spell names previously were wrapped with 〈〈...〉〉 but they use <<...>> here. [3%] in his eyes, they look just a bit embarrassed, ► It should be looked. [30%] and its agate colored eyes fixated on Salomo. ► It should be agate-colored (with a dash). [35%] “Oh earth, by name I order you, strike down enemy. <<Stone Spear>>” ► This spell is awkward and in V1 it's written better as by my name, I order you to strike my foes. (See also Generic Issue.) [47%] having finally seen the beast meet its end ► Missing period. [51%] I go ahead and put the harbor back how it was?” ► It should be back to? [65%] the sun was starting to set, dying the sky red. ► It should be dyeing.