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    Basically, should JNC get "Adult" LN and how it could be done? How far should JNC go when it comes to this kind of thing? There are series that are in a kind of grey area. Novel Updates has an R-15 and R-18 tag, How not to Summon a Demon Lord is under R-15 so I do not think what would be considered R-15 really any problem. the problem is the R-18 stuff, and stuff that is borderline Hentai. I have seen a discussion somewhere about JNC starting sub company or something like "JNC: Dark" or "H-Novel Club" or something like that. I think JNC should get series that are at the very least sexual. I think Highschool DxD is probably the most well-known LN when it comes to its sexual content while still having a pretty decent story (though I don't know much about it, only watch Mothers Basement vid about it). Now obviously JNC should not focus on these kinds of series they should just be another series JNC licensed. I do not expect JNC to get the Hentai stuff (not if they create a sub company that is apart from JNC to focus on those) but I really want more Sexual LN.

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    A Handle full of series I put into the Novel Pick-up Requests Post are Sexual LN and JNC has shown they are willing to pick up Sexual or Fanservice LN like the Demon Lord one and Mixed Bathing. this is pretty much what sparked this post and that talk about should JNC begin a subgroup to focus on more "Adult" LN.

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    Problem would be that they need to change the registration form for this. In some countries you need to verify yourself with an ID to check if you are an adult or not.

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    Only would want "adult" stories that feature mature character designs. Also, prefer no slavery in these narratives too (but that seems like an impossible request). How Not To Summon A Demon Lord fails both these requests... xC

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    Hasn’t Amazon cracked down on many books with adult images? If so, I don’t think JNovel will go there as Amazon has to be a huge money maker for them. A Henrai LN with just prose could get on amazon because it’s just erotica, but if the pictures in the book are explicit there might be problems.

    I think you’d need a dedicated Hentai publisher to go for it, as they have distribution channels already in place that are alternate to Amazon. My suspicion is that there’s money in doing it, but it’s have to be done right.

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    You think Seven Seas' Ghost Ship label will be able to survive? =[

  • Well I’m down for anything. You got my signature JNC. Of course if it would hurt you guys I wouldn’t mind not having it.

  • I would say DxD is on the same tier with Demon Lord, maybe even tamer, since the farthest they've gone is boob groping and naked skinship, while Demon Lord got a full blown fingering scene, but IMO the plot is better by a long shot on DxD, Mother's Basement pretty much nailed it on his video.

    Actual borderline H series would be Magika no Kenshi to Shoukan Maou or Shinmai Maou no Testament, and both have an actually really good plot, aside from the PLOT.

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    @paulnamida Ok, this is a little bit of an applies and oranges comparison, since I've only watched the anime of DxD, and read the LN of IsekaiMaou, but based on that, I would say that DxD has the larger quantity of risque material, but IsekaiMaou has got it beat for pushing the envelope.

    Even censored, IsekaiMaou is/will be the more "adult" of the two. YMMV

    There are a few scenes in Arifureta and Realist Hero that could be comparable.

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    @paulnamida said in "Adult" LN:

    Actual borderline H series would be Magika no Kenshi to Shoukan Maou...

    Are you serious? I think I've read the first volume, and I thought it was kinda tame. Are you saying this later develops to the same level of Shinmai Maou?

  • @shrike_al not spoiler version: yes, it goes to the level of Shinmai Maou. Keep reading at your own risk for spoilers

    Yeah, Magika no Kenshi is anything but tame. It does take some time to get to that point though.

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    Apparently The Testament of Sister New Devil LN is pretty 18+ too. The MC actually does some penetrations. Would love for it to get picked up!

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    @shrike_al First half of volume 5 has a long "harem maintenance" Chapter.

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