Announcements: Mixed Bathing and The Faraway Paladin!

  • We're proud to announce another two new series we'll be publishing, starting today!

    The Faraway Paladin, and Mixed Bathing in Another Dimension!

    Both series have free previews now you can read, and we'll be putting up a new part each Friday for J-Novel Club Members every week!

    Despite the fact that both of these are "isekai" fantasy series based off hit web novels, they couldn't be more different. Paladin goes back to light novel's roots with a heavily D&D inspired serious fantasy world, and takes a main character from birth all the way to a grand adventure.

    On the other hand, Mixed Bathing takes the most ridiculous excuse for fanservice premise you could think of, and pairs it with such a practical main character that you actually start thinking "hey, this guy might be able to make this work!" Please we needed a series with some good ecchi in it, and this one fits the bill while also being a surprisingly good read.

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    Is Mixed Bathing in Another Dimension meant to be completely unavailable for those who aren't paying members?

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    @kuuderes_shadow Oops, fixing that now!

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    @Sam-Pinansky It works now. Thanks.

  • These two series sound great, I'll definitely take a look at them when I get the chance.

  • Although Mixing Bathing isn't something for me, I'm excited to take a look at The Faraway Paladin.
    Fingers crossed that some jousei/mystery/psychological titles will be licenced soon.
    Thanks for the new titles. Keep up the good work guys!

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