How big is that harem?!

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    Since harems are fairly common, I got curious about what various sized harems are considered and how well the character development is handled.

    My thoughts on size:
    3-4 - small
    5-7 - medium
    8-11 - large
    12 or more - You are a harem king

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    @paul-nebeling Just finished Kenshin no Magika which manages to have well developed and original characters in a truly prodigious true harem.

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    I never gave the harem size much thought, but I'd say:

    • The larger the harem, the harder it is to get character development or even characterization (as in, multi-faceted static characters). However, Invaders of the Rokujouma proves IMHO that even with a larger medium sized harem it is still possible, if you give the series enough time to develop.
    • 12 members isn't actually that large. Apparently the Shin Koihime † Musou ~Moeshouden~ VN has 52 girls, and all of them are actually characters (and not padding). And if we consider what is on J-Novel, there's I saved too many girls, which adds like 2.5 girls on average each volume?

  • @paul-nebeling taking into account the 2 series I know of where the goal of the MC is to BE a harem king: Magika no Kenshi to Basileus and Highschool DxD, I'd put the harem king tier on 11+ since that's where Issei stands at the moment (and this seems to be final taking into account the events of the EX side story), Kazuki goes beyond that lol

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    I noticed from anime/manga/visual novels etc that the most common harem sizes are 5, 4, and 7. 5 is the most common to me, because that seems to be the sweet spot for having a variety of waifus to pick from but still having development time to give each one a route in a visual novel.

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    @paulnamida @Jaquobus Yeah, Little Apocalypse's harem growth borders on ridiculous, but as long as the author can keep the characters fresh and relevant.

    I seem to remember Smartphone's Touya reminiscing about some Japanese emperor or warlord having 50 wives and thinking that he wasn't so bad with just 4 fiancees.

    My original thought had to do with having stock in the company that makes Viagra, but since most harem protagonists are chaste, it really didn't fit.

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    @paul-nebeling and the ones that aren't seam to have "always ready to go"as a class skill.

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    @jaquobus But can you win all 52 simultaneously? Visual Novels can accommodate more due to their nonlinear nature.

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    You know, I once imagined myself having a harem. Then I tried figuring out what personal rules might be necessary in order to keep things realistically healthy.

    No matter the scenario, I think the number of wives an ordinary man can realistically handle is maxed at 4.

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