Licensing/Buying Books While Out Of The Country

  • I am not sure what the correct paradigm is (buying or licensing) when I obtain books from J-novel Club. I was just activated for a trip outside of the United States for about six months. Question on book purchasing/licensing, does being out of the country change the ability to buy books? Amazon and BN have a problem with it as I found out the last time I left, but will j-novel have a problem with this? You can look up my account details, I pay in US funds through the normal channels and I am a US citizen. Nothing will change except for my IP location.

  • @alocervancouver I doubt it'd matter as long as your credit card is active. I mean, I'm in a small country in South America and have no trouble buying credits or paying for my subscription. This goes for premium epubs since they have no DRM, if you were to buy from Amazon, they might have certain titles region locked.

  • I'm from South East Asia and have no problems whatsoever.

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    It's a "club" and the books have no DRM, there's members from all over the world in here - none of that region screwed garbage in here.

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    I'm from South East Asia too.
    Other than the slight connection problems, absolutely no issues so far.

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