How long does it take to get the verification email after you register?

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    I just registered and am waiting for the verification email. Is this something that is supposed to happen shortly after you register? Maybe I am unlucky?

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    It should arrive right away usually. Try checking your spam folder maybe.

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    Thanks for the response, I figured that would be the case, but it is not in my junk mail either...

    I first tried to use a Yahoo email account and it did not like that and responded with some error message, email taken, or something like that.

    My second try was with a Hotmail email, and it got registered, but no verification email. I tried to login and asked for another verification email, but received nothing.

    My third try was with an Outlook email and that is when I figured it might be something system related, so I am trying my hand on the forum.

  • @ryan1234 I suggest contacting them directly via email.

  • I've been having the same issues, so I emailed support about it. Hopefully something can be done about it soon!