How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Reading

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    I'm trying to read this story on here, and I'm a bit confused. Am I forced to buy the entire book even with the membership? Or is each volume only long enough to actually have just one part, and gloss over any interesting that happens? Volume one only has two parts available on the page, and volume 2 only has 1. Someone tell me I'm dumb and there's actually a story worth reading somewhere. Otherwise why have I been hearing this is a good story?

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    Here is the Link to the FAQ

    How long are pre-pub parts available?
    The pre-pub releases are available until the e-book gets published, just like the name says.
    After the final part in a volume is released, there will be a few weeks where we will do final proofreading and typesetting for the e-book, so all parts will be available at the minimum 2-3 weeks, with ~8 weeks for the first parts in each volume.

    Volume X is no longer available? What gives?
    Once a volume has been published as an e-book, it is no longer available for pre-pub reading.
    Please support the author by purchasing the official e-book!
    Or you can sign up for a Premium membership and use your premium credit to download the premium ebook straight from our site!

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    This post is deleted!

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    @drone205 So basically the only reason to have a membership is to read a book you're already up to date with. So you can read it as it is released, otherwise you're throwing money down the drain for no reason. sweet

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    As mentioned, pre-pubs expire reasonably soon after the final ebook is published, with the list of expiring prepubs available here:

    There is often far more leeway than the official policy implies, but that's not always the case.

    If there's an ongoing JNC series that you want to read, you have two options:

    1. Wait for the series to go on catchup, read up until the current volume, and then read the series prepubs weekly from there (two series a month are put on "catchup", where all past prepubs are made available for just that month, and the two series change each month).

    2. Buy the ebooks (might as well buy JNC premium epubs since they're the same price or less compared to other stores) for the volumes that have already expired, and then read the prepubs.

    JNC premium epubs are $7 if you have a regular subscription, $6 if you have a premium subscription. They're typically priced at $7 on all other vendors (like Amazon or Kobo), but it's also possible that the other store like Amazon might have a sale.

    EDIT: In terms of the value of a subscription, the cost of a subscription is a tiny fraction as much as the cost of buying all the final books that would be accounted for by the ePubs. For example, this months' catchup alone has 6 volumes available, which is a $42 value, not to mention all the volumes on the site that haven't expired yet, or the permanently free volumes like some of Rokujouma or the first Isekai Mahou. If you read a lot of light novels, the subscription can be a crazy good value. If you just want to read one series, and it's not on catchup, maybe not.

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    @amicus JNC has "Catch Up Months" where a few series are available as pre-pubs in their entirety. There are also some series that are always available to read.

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