Sono Mono. Nochi Ni... (その者。のちに…)

  • Title: Sono Mono. Nochi Ni... (tl. "That Person. Later On...")


    Publisher: Earth Star Novel
    Books released: 8
    Manga adaptation?: Yes (not licensed in English)
    Anime adaptation?: No

    Synopsis: A heartbroken Wazu runs away from home and secludes himself on a mountainside. Two years later, he comes down from the mountain, but finds out it was actually home to the most dangerous monsters in the world... "wait, how did I survive?!" He wanders around and gets caught up in all sorts of incidents, confessing his love to a variety of women, only for them to all turn him down... Continuously heartbroken, Wazu keeps journeying and encountering weird bandits... but, hot on his trail, a small group of women follows...

    My spiel: While reading the premise on its own makes it sound a bit silly, this is a standard adventure story with a harem tacked on. The harem is played much more for comedy than wish-fulfillment, which is a bonus in my book, and the story overall has your average adventure beats and overarching evil plot, but it just has a lot of fun with the characters and putting them in weird situations. I like that you never really have to suffer through the "dense protagonist/catty lovers fighting in the background" tropes too.

    Again, it's a pretty typical adventure, but it's not as plot-dense as something like Faraway Paladin, and also not really light and breezy like Realist Hero either. If I had to pick a series to compare to, I'd say the tone is closest to Infinite Dendrogram, except this is wholly set in a fantasy world, and there's a lot of back and forth between arc plot and comedy and hijinks.

    I hear the LN goes in a completely different direction from the WN after book 3, but I'm hoping it still retains its levity.

  • I support more light reading material, nothing against The Faraway Paladin but sometimes I just wanna take it easy.

    A protagonist that gets several rejections but keeps going is a true lesson for all of humanity, its not about how many times you get knocked down its about how many times you get back up.


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    so this series is pretty much the Standard adventure story, I definitely want to see more of these Adventure type of series.

  • Staying intentionally vague about some of the specifics about the story, but trying to give enough of a hook to get people interested :O basically, lots of crazy stuff goes on, and the setting is really fun, I think it would fit quite well in JNC's catalog.

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    I've actually read the WN fan translation of this one up to chapter 203 (out of 217 chapters). Sadly the new translator went MIA and the old translator (which is really slow) started back from chapter 155 :(

    I'd love for it to get picked up officially, and with JNC's speed 8 volumes would be out rather quickly :-D


    There is also a manga being scanlated, but the story there is different from the WN. Unless it was changed for the LN too? Not sure.

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    @terabyte Pretty sure the manga is on hiatus.

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    @aruseus493 Even if it wasn't on hiatus it would take way too much to catch up to the WN/LN lol

    And after discovering LNs I prefer those to mangas anyway. Mangas and anime often cut way too much details you can find only in the LN. I like to read all the little things/details and such.

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    I support them picking this one up. The web novels were very good and with how much he changed for the Light Novel I would love to read it and support the author officially.

  • @terabyte good news, another translator picked it up and will try to finsh the story. =D

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    @zeronos Yeah, I've been reading the new chapters. Thought it was said that the LN is different from the WN, I have no idea of what the author changed though. But if the manga follows the LN (which I think it does) I have already seen some of the differences compared to the WN.

  • Interesting, this series is getting a 2nd manga adaptation:

    The first manga got decently far, but I'm not sure if just the scanlations stopped or the series itself stalled.

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    The first manga adaptation went on hiatus after like 5 chapters or so. I'm guessing it was something with the mangaka? Manga adaptations of LNs seem like the place for new mangaka to gain experience after all.

  • @aruseus493 Hm, you're right, I must have misremembered how far it got. In that case, even better news that it's getting another adaptation :o

  • Pretty old news, but it got brought up on Discord and I figured I could post it here for... no reason?

    Not sure what happened with the first manga adaptation, but it's got a second one going now :X

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    @myskaros The old Mangaka got sick or something plus the publisher wasn't happy with a few things so they relaunched.

  • How long is this series? The number of volumes for the light novel seems longer than the web novel already.

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    So Volume 10 came out in October apparently. Just updated the LNDB page for it.

    alt text

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    Yeah, look at the last volumes cover it seems the LN is quite different from the WN. I don't recall reading anything about the characters on the covers.

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    I loved the web novel, so it'd be awesome to be able to read the light novel. the main character is a little dense at times in the web novel, but the story and characters are really well written. here's hoping it gets licensed.

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    Manga seems to be interesting and fun to read, it feels like reading about Saitama (except with hair) going to fantasy world.... Though I do hope there would be some form of intimate relationship between MC and his "harem", but it does not seem to be that kind of story.