A Death Game novel written by Hyouka author, The Incite Mill.

  • The Incite Mill
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    "Subjects wanted for a humanities-related experiment. Will be held in confinement and observed 24-7 for a period of one week," announces a help-wanted ad; and the stated wage is 112,000 yen (about $1,120) per hour.

    Eight men and four women are lured by the lucrative compensation to sign up.
    They are taken to a remote location and confined in the basement of a highly secure building. There are no signs of anyone else around, and there appears to be no route for escape.

    In the afternoon of the first day, a voice piped in by speaker announces that the experiment has been designed to study the dynamics of hatred, anger, and mistrust among the participants, and informs them that those who kill someone else, those who are killed, those who finger a killer, and those who assist anyone who fingers a killer will all receive a substantial bump in pay. In essence, the sponsor has set up a game of "murder and detection" among the subjects, and intends to sit back and watch for enjoyment

    Reasons to want this:
    -Honobu Yonezawa (Hyouka author)
    -Psychological Thriller
    -#10 on Kono Mystery ga Sugoi! 2008

    Publisher: Bungeishunjuu (Publisher of From Truant to Anime Screenwriter: My Path to “Anohana” and “The Anthem of the Heart”)
    Author: Honobu Yonezawa (Author of Hyouka)

    Had a movie directed by Hideo Nakata (The Ring series director) in 2010

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    -What's so unappealing in a death game written by the author of the popular "Hyouka"?

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    I'd love any novel with a death game focus. =[

  • Dis true?????

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    Why would I lie? lol
    Actually, Honobu Yonezawa is very popular and prolific mystery author in Japan publishing more than a book per month—which rank high on Kono Mystery ga Sugoi! every year.

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