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    @commandojones For the android app, when using it in vertical scrolling mode it doesn't save the progress.

    This is due to an issue with scrollupdate that only happens on android so we disabled the calls to the server that updated progress in that mode. It'll be fixed in the next version though (already has been).

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    @Sam-Pinansky Ah. Thank you I missed that before. Sorry for reposting an issue that had already been identified!

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    So today I come along, and want to check to see when the next chapter of my fav JNC series is coming out... see it’s released, and great, click the link to start reading...

    Then I realize, the system didn’t ask me to login... it’s been a coup,e days, usually it does...

    After checking, I notice I’m NOT logged in. It’s giving “free access” to non members. I logged in, logged out! I still have access.

    Thinking it might be a cookie or some sort of “ghosting” effect, I pass the link to a single friend whose not likely to share the link, and lo and behold, he can read it too with no membership. (He can read it directly from the native language so...)

    Anyways, the link that allows a straight read... is...

    If it’s by design, great, if not, get support on it :)

    Btw, any bonuses for finding these? Lol

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    @thomask The first part of every J-Novel volume is a free preview anyone can read.

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    I think the massive number of new titles and parts might have broken the app. I can find the new titles, but parts will be missing. For example, Gear Drive has parts 1, 3 and 4, but part 2 is nowhere to be found. Kokoro Connect only has part 4. Amagi Brilliant Park only shows parts 2 and 4. The list goes on, but you see the pattern. Any suggestions?

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    @paul-nebeling I can confirm some parts are still missing even if you scroll way below in the app. I guess as a workaround until that's fixed the only way is to go to the series page and open the missing parts from there. I've verified they are listed on that page, at least for Amagi Brilliant Park.

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    @paul-nebeling give me an hour or three and I will go through and check all the metadata.
    We had to upload everything real fast.

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    @Sam-Pinansky: Could you check the metadata for Kokoro Connect? The parts exists, and the series exists but the first volume doesn't seem to exist, as in[where][volumeId]=5b3c0206ac2e5a7d3394bdeb and[where][titleShort]=kokoroconnect return an empty list.

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    @jaquobus Fixed that!


  • Nexus 6p
    Android 8.1.0

    The progress bar hides itself when I start a part I only finished 25% of LDM but that can’t really been seen at all, also I finished all of Isekai Maou but that is hidden as well.
    alt text

    Additionally the search feature is set to case sensitive search.

    If I search "My little" with a lower case "L" I get no results, when I search "My Little" my an upper case "L" I am shown "My Little Sister Can Read Kanji"

  • @rahul-balaggan said in Report App Bugs Here!:

    The progress bar hides itself when I start a part I only finished 25% of LDM but that can’t really been seen at all, also I finished all of Isekai Maou but that is hidden as well.

    As someone who used graphical representation of progress instead of numerical (XX%) wherever possible it was easy enough I would think that's intentional (except for the part where "new" is visually 100% read + extra text and larger bar, that sucks).

  • @_08 I did consider it might be intentionally but wasn't 100% sure, personally speaking i like seeing a row of "100%" for the stuff i read but it makes no major impact for me in the long run.

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    W.r.t the new beta: On a Nokia 6.1, Android 8.1

    • if you attempt to search without entering a term, the app crashes (report should have been sent)
    • scrolling pages via swiping sometimes doesn't work well, especially on Gear Drive Part 5
    • if you don't swipe long enough, the reader "gets stuck" between pages (but swiping left or right fixes) it
      alt text

  • Joining in.

    • There's no obvious way to clear the filter
    • Scrolling down through Rokujouma parts caused only first few dozens of thumbnails to load. The rest remains white even after restarting and clearing cache.
    • Paginating seems hella slow, to the point of questioning whether the previous version was better at that.
    • There's a position tracker (probably related to new paginator) that changes status on the bottom and it's pretty slow. You can quickly scroll some and then wait few dozens of seconds for it to catch up. Furthermore, you can't leave the part while it catches up.
    • Insert image didn't load
    • Headings are left-aligned, so much for "Italics/bold/center all parse"
    • The tap area for menu on the top is too big. Now if you want to swipe to flip page you have to do it below
    • The menu won't go away if you tap the area below and it's not obvious which button makes it go away
    • Asking to continue every time can get annoying

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    @_08 What device are you using? Pagination is plenty fast for normal reading speed, but it seems slow if you are trying to flip through the part quickly since it only does the next ~10-15% or so.

    Is it all insert images that didn't load or just one?

  • @sam-pinansky said in Report App Bugs Here!:

    Is it all insert images that didn't load or just one?

    I tried some more and it seems like it only happens on those non-loaded rokujouma parts. Even a cover won't render.

    @_08 What device are you using?

    Evidently, these things tend to be much slower on hdpi devices and mine has 2560x1600 display. Extra processing power they would have isn't enough especially since it's single-threaded. Mine is a first-gen Kindle Fire HDX (with Snapdragon 800), but I believe you can have similarly bad experience with newer devices.

    Pagination is plenty fast for normal reading speed

    It probably is but it will be very frustrating if you clicked not to resume and then decide to seek. A page normally takes 3-4s to load, but for some reasons it took over 20s after illustration and the first one can take longer too. And then you can't even press back properly because it gets blocked. Doesn't seem like it will load in advance if you stay on the first page either, so if you somehow ended up with 0% progress and you want to look at the last page the only way to do that is to spend minutes by slowly flipping pages one-by one. With previous version you could at least just go and do something else while it loads and then quickly flip.

    Also the pull-to-refresh things makes everything disappear for a while even if nothing happens. Especially useless on the series page.

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    Addendum: On an Amazon Fire HD 10, I cannot get Grimgar 2, Part 1 to scroll at all in portrait mode. In landscape, it works.

  • Currently using an Android Pixel XL, the new app has recently stopped loading parts. I was able to read the latest part of lazy dungeon master this morning, but working within the last hour nothing loads. I am still able to freely navigate to other parts of the interface, but selecting any part causes it to load indefinitely work a spinning circle. It should be noted that this is different from the normal loading screen which mentions paginating and has a progress bar.

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    @karsin Sounds like your log in token has expired, signing back in should fix that issue.

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    @_08 Is it really single threaded? I thought all ARM chips had at least more than one core...

    The way React Native works is that one thread is dedicated to the javascript byte-code interpreting and the other is the native app, so if you only have 1 thread it will be extremely slow no matter what...