Tsuyokute New Saga

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    Author:Masayuki Abe
    The Demon King led his army of demons to wipe out the human race. The Hero, Kyle , and his allies attack to Demon King’s castle to defeat the Demon King. The Demon King is slain, but at what cost? Kyle lost all of his allies throughout the war. Friends, family, lovers, comrades. All dead. As he lay dying at the foot of the Demon King’s chamber, he notices a strange gem that the Demon King had coveted.

    My thoughts:
    Another good -Sent back in Time- Novel. But this time, he only gets back in time a few years before the war and is not reborn as a baby.
    The main character is very intelligent and with his knowledge from his last "run" he will be stronger than ever! ANd the side charas are really good and have deep characters too.
    For example Seran - he looks like a comedy relief chara but when he lets loose... whoa :)

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    It's been a long time since I last heard of this. Many years ago I read the Manga for it and I really liked. I want this one

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