How a realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Volume 3

  • Hello I was not sure if anyone else has read this volume in awhile, but I just downloaded it the other day and noticed through the whole thing there are many grammar issues. Most of them I can pass off after reading the paragraph because I understood the context, but one or two parts I just could not decipher what it was (I honestly cannot remember specifics. I just moved past it and just finished the fifth book). I'm mostly wondering this for other readers, since I won't be coming back to the series in awhile. I will read each book as it comes out, but once it is a finished series I will sit down and re-read the whole thing. Again, I don't know specific examples off the top of my head, but it was just throughout the entire book a grammar issue here, then another there and so on.

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    @laurion96 If you find errors, and take note of them, you can email them directly to the support email address ;)

    I just recently emailed myself a list of errors. But how many errors are you talking about exactly? The way you wrote it, makes it look like the volume is full of errors.

  • I would have to re-read it, but it was kind of through out the volume. Not like entire paragraphs being bad, but like a few words every few paragraphs. It would take a bit for me to find and write them down. I'm mostly asking about it for other readers, as I did not have that big of an issue myself, but I can see others having issues. I usually see one or two grammar issues in all books I have read on J-Novel, but it's so minor I don't even think about it. This book in particular just had more than all other books I've read. Not trying to say anything bad either really, as I love J-Novel. Has provided me with amazing books for relatively cheap price.

  • @terabyte sorry I forgot to add the @ to mention you

  • One more note: I do not see the errors like this in any of the other volumes (as like I said, I finished Volume 5 this morning) so it is isolated.

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    At one point when I was reading the Realist Hero premium ebooks, I remember seeing Aisha’s name spelled as Alicia and I just lolled since it was probably the translator’s autocorrect. I can’t remember if it was volume 2 or 3.

  • @legitpancake that kind of thing I usually chuckle at too. Mostly, the kind of grammar issues may be like a couple words may be swapped (not an example from the books, just my own: The lady walked path the) or leaving out a word (again same as last example, my own not from books: The man had used sword. In this example, it should be: The man had used a sword). I would like to emphasize though I'm not a huge grammar nazi. I chuckle usually at things like that and keep going. I'm no editor myself nor would I want to be one. It just seemed like this particular volume had quite a number of them and I figured someone with less grammar skills than myself may have some difficulty with parts of the story.

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    @laurion96 We always appreciate it if you can bring to our attention specific passages to review. If you can find some representative examples put them in an email and send them to and I'll have the translator/editor take a look.

  • @sam-pinansky I'll see what I can find on it after a quick re-read and send it.

  • @sam-pinansky Just sent an email. Not sure if you can see my email on here, but I sent through same email address on my account. I read back through to Chapter 3 then realized what I believed was Grammatical Errors (although, I did find some actual grammar errors) could possibly not be an error. I detailed my findings in the attached word document in the email. Thank you for taking the time to read.