Nejimaki Seirei Senki – Tenkyou no Alderamin

  • Alderamin is a really good ln/wn (don't really know the difference), but no one is continuing it. Please pick it up!

    Descriptions are on this link:

    I think it's quite interesting due to the character's relationship with each other (especially Yatori and Ikta [you can find out about their relationship like anywhere]) and its a little bit political/tactical (which makes it interesting and different from many other ln/wn) and the plot so far was very good.

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    A plot, a cover, some links (LNDB/NU/MAL), and maybe a summary of why it is good would certainly help gather interest :)

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    I am with @Terabyte here, having a cover, Synopsis would be nice.

    Here is the NU Page

    alt text

    The mighty Katjvarna Empire is currently embroiled in a war with the neighboring Kiorka Republic.

    Within an unspecified corner of this empire, a certain young man was reluctantly preparing to take the High Grade Military Officer Exam owing to mysterious circumstances. His name is Ikta.

    As a man, Ikta abhors war, is slothful by nature, and worships the female form.

    At the time, no one could have possibly predicted that a person like him would become a military figure worthy of being called a legendary general……

    The young Ikta, armed with his superb talents as a soldier, struggles to survive in a world ravaged by war. This tale will recount his tumultuous life up until this point, as the curtains are drawn for a spectacular chronicle of fantastical warfare!

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    Alderamin is one of the best, if not the best warfare strategy light novel out there. It has a very unique male main character. The female main character is unique too, in the way that she is the strong one of the two. The story is also very unpredictable. The author takes the story where he wants to take in instead of catering to the fans which I really appreciate. This is not something you see very often in LNs and manga. Good choice. I want this licensed as well!

  • NU is kind of shit as a database site.

    On topic though, I'd love for Alderamin to be licensed. Such a cool series. I wish the manga adaptation at least continued.

  • @aruseus493 said in Nejimaki Seirei Senki – Tenkyou no Alderamin:

    On topic though, I'd love for Alderamin to be licensed. Such a cool series. I wish the manga adaptation at least continued.

    Very much this, the last chapter had huge spoilers and made for a cliffhanger I can't wrap my head around as there's no friggin' LN translation.

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    I definitely want Alderamin, but I did get a spoiler for it that makes me more hesitant to jump in.

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    NU is kind of shit as a database site.

    Yeah, I'm really disliking that they only allow database entries for stuff that has both available raws and at least a part translated (it's great for people that read popular series' fan TLs though). Also, obviously the focus is LN and WN only, so finding literature label stuff on the site is hit or miss and probably frowned upon to add.

    Are there any other good database sites though? Searching for Japanese works on Goodreads is hell (and a lot of them aren't on there in any form).

  • @terrence

    I typically end up using a combination of MAL and LNDB. Otherwise, I typically randomly just surf through random Japanese publisher sites.

    Regarding an actual "Good" Light Novel database site, there is none. MAL has terrible policies and LNDB lacks the moderation/admin activity that would sustain it long-term.

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    ...I just realized how different the LN artwork was compared to its anime.
    They're both good though.

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    If only this wasn't a Kadokawa book. This is my #1 license request.