Inakunare, Gunjou

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    Kadiantou series is a series published by Shinchosha in their Shincho bunko label. The publisher asked a bunch of light novel authors to write less light novel like light novels. And Kaidantou series is one of the resulting works. It is written by Yutaka Kouno, also known for having written Sakurada Reset. He has a very unique style of portraying characters that really suits this story.

    Cover for the first book :

    alt text

    Each book in the series have their own titles. Although they are all a part of "Kaidantou series" translating to "Stairway Island series". The first book in the series is called "Inakunare, Gunjou" which translates to something like "Vanish, ultramarine".

    Synopsis (combination of what I found on the web and what I myself know):

    16-year-old Nanakusa is spending his dull life on a remote island - called Stairway island where there is a small town and a mountain and a long stairway that starts at the shore of the sea and extends up to the summit of the mountain. Three months ago he had woken up on this island and found out that it is an island for DISCARDED people. And that he won't be able to live the island until he can find what was lost. Such cryptic words didn't bother him much, because Nanakusa is a pessimist of the highest order, always expecting the worst to happen, and this seemed relatively mild.
    One day, however, a girl appears in front of him, and turns his new life upside-down. It's Manabe, his childhood friend, and the world's most idealistic optimist. Unable to cope with her presence on the island, he's now determined to find the Witch who rules atop the mountain and convince her to get Manabe out.

    The story has a very colorful cast with characters like Nado who upon meeting a new person asks for their favorite book and introduces himself as the main character of that book. And acts like that character as well. So when he is with Nanakusa he acts like "The cat who lived a million lives"

    It has very well written mystery. It is very unpredictable. Although the tone of the story can be bit depressing at times it also has a very cozy tone. The novel is full of philosophical dialogues and monologues like the other works of the author. The main characters Manabe and Nanakusa are the opposite of each other. One idealistic optimist and one pessimist. In fact the main character gives an example of how different they are:

    "To put up with someone is the synonym of giving up" I said.
    "To put up with someone is the antonym of giving up" She said.

    I am honestly not sure this is a series people here would enjoy since it is unlike anything J-Novel Club has. In any case, I loved it myself and thought would post it here and at least let people know it exists :3

  • Actually, I am interested in many Shincho Bunko nex and Media Works Bunko (an ASCII Media Works's novel line for LNs that don't read like regular LNs, Sugaru Miaki novels are under this line)

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    Sugaru Miaki's works are great!

  • @hakomari
    I really would love to have them all~
    It's sad that none of them is licensed yet

    My first Sugaru novel was Three days of Hapiness and since then, I became an instant fan.

    Like with NisiOisiN and Monogatari or with Mikage Eiji and Kamisu Reina Series

    Seriously, would love to see more of these three authors~

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    @bloodygaikotsu Well Eiji Mikage's "Serial Killer Detective" will be released by Vertical in early 2019. And Nisio's Katanagatari should be released later this year. I have actually read "Serial Killer Detective"(I liked the Japanese title more) and I enjoyed it. It was very unique in a way. Has its similarities to Dexter books though.

  • @hakomari
    Already know about those 2 (I was really excited when I saw the tweets~)
    but let's say I am quite greedy~ (kinda hoped they announce "Bougyaku Tantei Series" at AnimeCentral with VOFAN being there xD)

  • Actually, I remember an article (shared by Eiji Mikage's Twitter account) that featured thoughts of some Kodansha editor on international market of Japanese novels and it kinda foreshadowed "Serial Killer Detective" license~

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    @bloodygaikotsu They outright said that it was licensed. Just not by whom. That article also made it clear that Kodansha plans to push forward more series to be licensed in the West.

  • @hakomari
    Really, hope that Katsushi Outa's plan to bring Faust and Kodansha Box to English market comes back~

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    Spotlight time! A friendly bump to an older post that hasn't had any recent conversation and is lower on votes in order to draw attention to it.

  • Got a live-action movie announced like 5h ago

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    I'm all for something different

    it's J- NOVEL- club not just J-iseki light novel- club


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