Hitotsu Hi no Ko no Yuki no Naka

  • Hitotsu Hi no Ko no Yuki no Naka

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    The 3rd Fujimi Fantasia's Grand Prize back in 1993, revised and edited to present this book from Shincho Bunko nex .

    Writen by Yoshinobu Akita while he's 17 and became his debut work.
    He's mostly known with "Orphen" Series back in the 90's serialized along with Slayer in Fujimi Fantasia Bunko.

    The book tells journey of "Shura" and a girl (A child of a demon) while they are talking about their fate, trying to live...basically dark sad story influenced by Buddhism views telling you about the painful world.

    Dunno if there are as many people here like to read desperately dark and sad stories but that's what it is~


  • That has to be Shiho Enta. Can I assume that, like Another, it has no internal illustrations?

  • Since the novel has no translation at all.
    I can't say for sure.
    But I think you're right though.

    (But, yeah, it's Shiho Enta)

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