Lesson of the Evil

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    Seiji Hasumi, 32, teaches English at a private high school in a suburb of Tokyo.
    A graduate of Harvard University, he worked for a time at a major U.S. investment bank.
    But despite the stellar résumé, he has two diametrically opposed sides to his character.
    On the one hand, he plays the role of dedicated teacher and is popular with his students for his learner-friendly teaching methods; on the other, he has secretly bugged the school building in order to gather information on the students and has been fixing things so that his favorite students—with emphasis on the pretty girls—will be in his 11th-grade homeroom.
    However, this teacher hides even more darker secrets.

    The series has manga adaptation
    was voted Number One in the 2011 Konomys rankings
    nominated for the Naoki Prize.

    Same author as Shinsekai Yori

    Publisher: Bungeishunju Ltd.

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    Seem really interesting, and it's by the author of shinsekay yori, i would definitely give it a try.